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Name: Angie

Gender: Female

Birthday: Aug 15

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Country: America

Occupation: Full-Time Student

Main Language: English

Other Languages: a little ASL

Ethnicity: Caucasian- Italian decent

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Oh, it's been a little bit of everything...


Favorite Author: it's too hard to choose one! Um... Jonathan Nasaw

Favorite Book: at the moment it's ST:VOY Homecoming

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Day of the week: Friday

Favorite Food: Home cooked?

Favorite Sport: Fencing.

Favorite Location: At home.

Favorite Musical Group: Oh, that's a long list.

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Musical: Les Miserables

Favorite Composer: Stephen Sondheim

Favorite Star Trek series: Voyager.

Joined SB118: October 10, 2006

My Characters:
Emirry Rayn MacGowan (Primary)
Ashley Anderson (NPC)