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From the first moment I encountered Star Trek, its captivating blend of futuristic vision and thought-provoking narratives resonated deeply with me. The series not only entertained, but it also pushed the boundaries of what is possible, challenging us to imagine a future where humanity has conquered interstellar travel and harnessed the power of science to create a better world.

What drew me to this PBEM group is the unique opportunity it provides to actively participate in shaping the Star Trek universe. Through collaborative storytelling, we collectively weave intricate narratives that explore the uncharted territories of space, encounter alien species, and grapple with ethical dilemmas. It is through this creative process that we bring our characters to life and contribute to the ever-expanding tapestry of Star Trek adventures. However, what truly drives me is the exploration of theoretical technologies within the Star Trek universe. I am captivated by the ingenious inventions and concepts that underpin the series, ranging from warp drive and transporters to holodecks and replicators. By delving into the theoretical foundations of these technologies, I aim to bring a sense of scientific plausibility to our stories, while also expanding my own understanding of the possibilities that lie beyond our current scientific boundaries.

In joining SB118, I have found a community of like-minded individuals who share my passion for Star Trek and the boundless realm of imagination it offers. Together, we embark on thrilling adventures, blending the spirit of exploration with our love for the series, and crafting narratives that honor the legacy of Star Trek while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Fleet Activities

Character Stable

Character History
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Dates Notes
Operations Division
Operations Officers
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Toxin Arlill LT.png
Toxin Arlill 2399 to present
Current PC, HCO of USS Octavia E Butler.
Sciences & Medical Division
Medical Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Miash Senior Chief.png
Miash 2400 to present
Current PNPC, Nurse on USS Octavia E Butler.
Starfleet Marine Corps
Thomas O'Reilly Private.png
Thomas O'Reilly 2400 to present
Current PNPC, Marine Assigned to USS Octavia E Butler.
Ribbon Award Description  
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
The Genesis Award
I’m honored to present the Genesis Award for 2023 to Erik, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and notable improvement in his simming skills over the past six months. Since joining back in November, Erik has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to personal growth and development as a simmer. Erik's willingness to learn, and his proactive approach to enhancing his simming abilities, has been commendable. His genuine engagement and receptiveness to advice have been instrumental in his continuous improvement. Erik's remarkable progress serves as an inspiration to his fellow simmers, and his commitment to self-improvement has undoubtedly elevated the overall quality of simming on ‘Oumuamua. Congratulations, Erik, on the well-deserved Genesis Award!