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The Person Behind Elizabeth Snow

Personal Information

  • Name: April
  • Date of Birth: April 21
  • From: IN
  • Current Residence: Central, KY
  • Member Since: February 2011
  • Favourite Series: TNG - Picard

About Me

Hi, Everyone!

       I'm April and I have been a member since 2011. I did leave the sim group for a while because my schedule became too much to sim and work at the same time, but now I'm back. I grew up watching Star Trek with my father and have loved it ever since. We still watch it together, along with the new movies and new series. We also watch Stargate SG1 and I introduced him to Stargate Atlantis.

        In 2010, I began role playing in a chat room and fell in love with it. So I set out to find people who loved Star Trek and found Starbase 118. The people are great and I love the sim style. It took some getting used to, as I was accustomed to a fast style role play and playing multiple characters at once.

          Since joining all those years ago, I've become a wife and a mother. I have a, beautiful, daughter, whom was born before I met her, and another, beautiful, daughter, our wild child, who is keeping me on my toes. I'm lucky enough to be able to stay at home and raise our beautiful babies.

         I love meeting new people and making new friends. So feel free to shoot me a message anytime. :) You can find me on Discord. Just shoot Poppins#5141 a message.

UFOP Starbase History

  • Joined: February 28, 2011
  • Request to Return: July 18, 2020
  • First Duty Station: USS Atlantis as a Medical Officer, July 27, 2020
  • Second Duty Station: USS Chin'toka as a Medical Officer, September 1, 2020
  • Third Duty Station: USS Astraeus as Chief Medical Officer, November 29, 2022

Current Ship

USS Astraeus-logo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS AstraeusGalaxy class

Former Ships

USS Atlantis-logo.png Intrepid-scale.png
USS AtlantisIntrepid class
USS Chin'toka-logo.png Akira-scale.png
USS Chin'tokaAkira class

OOC Activities

Wiki Team Member Department of Veterans Affairs Member Training Team Member


Fleet Writer Serial: D238803EH0
Primary Character
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
TNGstyle-ltcmdr teal.jpg
Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Snow USS Astraeus Chief Medical Officer Active
Officer PNPC
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
TNGstyle-lt red.jpg
Lieutenant Sameh Neam USS Astraeus Security/Tactical Active
Cadet PNPC
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
TNGstyle-blank red.jpg
Cadet Nova Danil Starfleet Academy Cadet Active
Inactive Character
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
TNGstyle-ens teal.jpg
Ensign Elena Hale USS Discovery Medical Inactive