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Welcome to the player page for Drevas Matthel!

Basic Stats

  • Name: Samuel
  • Joined StarBase 118: 2020
  • Writer ID: 0239706DM0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: A toss-up between TNG and Voyager

User Details

Samuel, who normally goes by Sam, lives in the Southeast Asian tropical island city-state of Singapore. He possesses a paralegal's qualifications and diploma and intends to use it to go into the education industry as a teacher of the English language. He is currently awaiting mandatory conscription into the Singapore Armed Forces and intends to pursue his studies in the above upon the termination of his mandated tenure.

Elsewise he greatly enjoys collectible card games such as Shadowverse and trading card games, most notable among them Cardfight Vanguard, which he plays regularly over Discord. He came into Trek after watching clips of The Next Generation on Youtube and thereafter getting a subscription to Netflix from which his affinity for the franchise grew. Though he does have a definitive favorite few series he does not have any one particular favorite.

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