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Lightside station orbits a waste land of a planet in the Orstand system. A large station about 10km long, and 3km wide, the station was built as a haven when the planet it circles was dying hundreds of years ago. Built originally as an ark for the planets populace which, through ecological mismanagement, destroyed their own planet. Due to a combination of necessity and a natural inclination of the builders, the station became an economic hub for the region. Over time the population of the Spike diversified with a variety of races moving in. As the years went on the Kalinda slowly moved out of the station and on to their outer colonies. More non Kalinda made the station home, setting up businesses and catering to the merchant population in the region. Repair bays exist for small to medium starships, restaurants, recreation facilities, if there is a market for it, someone on the Spike is willing to offer it.

The Kalinda maintain control of the station as their territory, but operate it as a money making business. Few Kalinda still live on the station that don’t have some commercial interest there or aren’t part of the small Kalinda administration. The population of the station is diverse with Ferengi, Cardassian, Naussican, and other known independent and mercantile races making up a large amount of the populace. There are a number of residents from Federation species that have decided they want a more independent lifestyle outside the confines of Federation Law.

While most of the businesses operating on the Spike are legitimate and above board, it is well known that anything can be bought there, regardless of how legally questionable it might be. Officially the Kalinda administration frowns upon this black market but they don’t seem to take much action to try and root it out.

Physical Characteristics

  • Location: Stable orbit of the third planet of the Orstand system
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 10kM
    • Diameter: 3km at widest, 500 at the narrowest
    • Decks: 850