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This page is for saving my
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Name: Cory Hall
Joined SB118: 239503.12
From: Colorado, USA
Writer ID: V239503TD0
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“Super Awesome Quote! -Person who said it, 229600.00 Date they said it”

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Crew of the USS Montreal


Lieutenant JG Shin Kawakame

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Ensign Gilnan Ch'dargon


Full Name: Gilnan Ch'dargon
Current Posting: Steller Cartogrophy Technition
Current Assignment: USS Montreal
Species: Andorian
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Male (Thaan)
Age: 50
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Thin
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Grey
Place of Birth: Andoria
Marital Status: Single