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Hi! My name is Megan, and I write for Lieutenant Junior Grade Clio Athenodora Margariti of the USS Excalibur-A, and I just love typing that!

Quick run-down: I'm almost outta high school; this is not my first time roleplaying but it is certainly my first time doing it via email and with a Star Trek plot (it's usually either Disney or PJATO); and my need to create and write is roughly equivalent to that of breathing for you humans.

Because I'm terrible at calculating it: 240104.15

To-do List

  • Use the office plants quote in SOMETHING because I love it that much
  • Finish Clio's medical records
    • Do it faster than at the pace I'm doing it now.
  • Do something about Clio's background--it's so bare
    • Mention her uncle Vasilis (Alexandros's brother) and her dad as major sources of inspiration for her botany obsession
      • In fact, Uncle Vasilis gave her her first book on the subject
      • And Alexandros chewed stevia in front of her which fascinated her and blah blah blah
    • Make up some funny stories about the Margaritis family
  • Somehow make that tippy-top paragraph before the ToC on her page longer and therefore prettier and more impressive
    • Stevia plant and more plants to come
      • Maybe if Clio gets in good with Azin, he'll give her gardening tips
    • Less organized than on the Darwin, simply because she doesn't have a roommate
      • PAINT SUPPLIES EVERYWHERE as she slowly figures out how to do this painting thing
        • PS. Mention that Clio only ultimately chose to pursue painting over holophotography because it was something that would absorb more of her thinking at a time when she needed her thinking to be absorbed
  • Improve Clio's personality section because right now it's a Star Wreck
    • Mention that she's an idealist, just like her grandfather, and that she should do herself a favor and not be like him
      • Give a cookie to whoever finds out which movie that actually comes from
      • Likely die with a cold and very stale cookie in my hand
  • Laugh at my own jokes
  • Figure out why SIM is always in all-caps
  • Get Clio a romance because I want to see how she handles it
    • Come on, one of you has to take one for the team here
  • Also, now that Clio has friends, list them (ask permission? add more peeps?)
    • Corbin
    • James
    • Karynn
    • KT
    • Seriously if anyone wants to be mentioned or is willing to sum up the relationship for me please tell me
  • And get her a good enemy, too, or at least someone she's very uncomfortable around
    • Matthews is the most probable candidate at the moment
    • Oh, but what's this, it looks like Dr. D might want to push her buttons, too
      • Let's sit and watch to see if they gang up on her
  • SIM with that person
    • Pretty edit of Clio's PADD
    • Pretty edit of Clio's pillow from her mommy
      • Decide what she'd hide in the pillow and list that in the quarters section
  • Find a way to kill off one of the Margaritis children in a SIM because right now Clio has it too good (Artem would hurt the most and be the hardest to kill, but Jason would be easiest, so which one? Both?!) (Nah, let's just go with Jason. Unresolved conflict hurts, too. BUT WHEN IS THE QUESTION.)
  • Rule the galaxy alongside Darth Vader
  • Laugh maniacally
  • Maybe eventually join SDC or Wiki Ops (once I figure out the above things, that is)???

List of Plants to Acquire for Clio's Quarters

Small Terrarium of Herbs Commonly Used in Greek Cooking
  • Basil
  • Bay Leaf
  • Dill
  • Fennel
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Tarragon
  • Thyme
Other Plants Clio Will Eventually Grow in Her Room
  • Honeysuckle (who knows how)
  • Stevia

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