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  • 235001.26: Born
  • 237301: USS Arthur Evans, a ship in the Federation Archeological Fleet, was attacked by pirates.
  • 2375: Began teaching as an archaeology instructor at Star Station Esperance
  • 2377:
    • Obtained philosophy doctorate in Romulan archaeology
    • Dabbled a bit in metallurgy
  • 239504: Began consulting on the USS Veritas as an archaeologist
  • 239505.28: Begins experimenting with Reskariaehhrr element[1]
  • 239510.31: Transferred to USS Montreal as a civilian consultant
  • 239512.27: Transferred to Starfleet Officer Candidate School
  • 239506.13: Discovers possible location of the above-mentioned metal on Pellica[2]
  • 239603.27:
    • Graduated as a lieutenant with a science major and minored in operations
    • Served at Star Station Esperance as a science officer
  • 239609.10: Promoted to lieutenant commander
  • 239701.18: Posted to USS Veritas as an archaeologist in the science division[3]
  • 239705.25: Lateral transfer to operations division as an ops officer, still aboard Veritas


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