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Zephyr lost these before

  • The collapsible display template I used in my awards. I'm still not entirely sure on how to clear the spacing out of the service block, as it needlessly adds a blank column in the service awards thing that I don't know how to remove. On all my character pages, I code it by hand.
  • Template:Ribbons Display: Rich's ribbon display template thingie
  • External Auditory Receptor System
|{{Shiptile|USS Invicta|Cardiff_new_9.jpg|x80px}}

gives you

Cardiff new 9.jpg
  • Gallery code usefulness:
    <gallery mode=packed caption="Movie Poster" heights=300px>File:Gorkon movie poster.jpg|Gorkon Movie Poster</gallery>
    gives you
  • Movie Poster
  • Gorkon Movie Poster

Template things

Handy Code

Putting useful code over here. Sandboxes are useful for this.

  • Color hex codes:
    • Dark Goldenrod: #b8860b
    • Maroon: #800000
    • Teal: #008080
    • New Blue: #4682b4 (steelblue)

Handy Memory 118 Thingie: *{{subst:Memory 118 Template}} enables me to create a thingie on a memory 118 page for possible achievement and other things. Stew Surprise needs to go up also.

Bio Blurby bits

{{Brief Bio
|BIRTHPLACE=Seattle, Washington, Earth

Collapsible table thingie Award Code Basic Setup

{|class=wood width=700 align=center
{|align=center width=650 cellpadding=10
!{{Logo|USS Juneau|120|120}}
|<font size=4 color="white">'''USS Juneau • NCC-99801 • COMMISSIONED 239610.27'''</font><br><br><center><font color="white"><font size=5>''"Toowú latseen khaa jeexh atee.
(“It gives strength to the spirit.”)
{|style="color:white;background:maroon; width:700px" | [[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]] USS Eagle - Crew Award History  [[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]]
{|class="collapsible expanded" width=100% style="background:black; color:black;" border='0' cellspacing='1' width=100%
!  colspan=100% style="background:#000; color:#fff;" | [[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]] Service Ribbons & Promotions [[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]]
{|class="collapsible collapsed" width=100% style="background:black; color:black;" border='0' cellspacing='1' width=100%
!style="background:#C0C0C0;" colspan=3|First Award Ceremony - [!searchin/sb118-eagle/Pomp%7Csort:date/sb118-eagle/ZL836CMAuqw/8PYajK48AgAJ ]
! style="background:#c4bfb8; width:120px;" |Ribbon
! style="background:#c4bfb8; width:300px;"|Name of Award
! style="background:#c4bfb8;" |Recipient

No Link Templates:

{{No Link New|Lt. Commander|Saveron||Teal|237611 - 237706|Roster-blank.jpg|STYLE=Slanted}}
{{No Link Old|Commander|Servik||Red|237611 - 237706|Roster-blank.jpg|STYLE=Slanted}}
{{No ID Tile Officer|CHARACTER NAME|UNIFORM COLOR|CURRENT POST}} <-- this one is for NPCs who don't have an ID page and using the format below.

Crew History Subpage Template code thing

{{CrewHistory-Subpages|SHIP = Invicta}}

Crew History/Subpage code thingie for transclusion

{{AthenaCrewHistory|SHIP = USS Athena}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Command Division}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Operations Division}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Sciences Division}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Medical Division}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Marine Regiment}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Intel Division}}
{{:Athena Crew History/Civilian Contingent}}
{{CrewHistory End}}

Floaty Sidebar Code & LCARS design (view commented out lines by clicking 'edit')

Collapsible stardate thingies for future usage later

: <span style="font-size:88%">''Click stardates below to expand or collapse.''</span>

<div class="mw-customtoggle-239405" style="cursor:pointer" >'''Stardate: 239405 - 239406'''</div>
<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-239405">

<div style="clear:both"></div>