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Drawing Board

  • Cailyn Krystal Sutton -- Chythar's 1/2 sister

Name: Cailyn Krystal Sutton Species: Human/Centauran T/E Rating: T2/E2 Gender: Female Age: 22 Occupation: Starfleet cadet pursuing engineering (Rich suggested Enlisted, due to timing) Place of Birth: Henderson, Louisiana, Earth Date of Birth: 237312.10 Hair: Auburn Eye Color: Green Height: 5’5 Weight: 120lbs Build: Athletic, Strong Avatar Credit: To be Announced

Immediate Family: Calvin Skyfire (Bio dad) - Deceased Thomas Sutton (Stepdad) - Age 55 Elliana Maia Sutton (Mom) - Age 52 Chythar Skyfire (older half brother) - Age 31 Hailie Evelin Sutton (Stepsister) - Age 10

Background: Born to Calvin Skyfire and Elliana Sutton following Kyrethia’s departure from Earth, and raised predominantly by Elliana. About a year after she was born, Elliana married Thomas Sutton and the pair raised their daughter in Henderson, Louisiana. No attempt was made to follow up with Calvin due to how ashamed he was that he’d been drinking and honestly thought Elliana looked like Kyrethia. Upon tracing her biological father with no success, when Cailyn read the article in 2393 on the Skyfire Cure, she became inspired to join Starfleet. Further investigation revealed that Chythar was her half brother by Calvin.

Personality: I haven’t really gotten here yet, but I’m thinking like Kaylee from Firefly in the eternally cheerful regard. (Jayne: Can’t you just put duct tape over her mouth or somethin’ ta shut her up? (M. Reynolds: Ain’t no power in the ‘verse can stop Kaylee from being cheerful.)

Hobbies/Interests: Reading SCE articles Fixing things

Languages: Cajun French French Federation Standard (English)

Likes: Seafood Science documentaries Meditation

Dislikes: Haven’t gotten to this point yet.

Other notes: Story Arc I’d like to explore: Unexpected friendship with Chythar. It starts out a bit rocky because he only just found out about her during the shore leave she is introduced and doesn’t know how to really react. Over time, they become best friends.

Other Drawing Board

  • Surfer Bum
    • Avatar: Eric Szmanda
    • Species: Human or half Vulcan
    • Concept: Surfer from Honolulu - Marine biologist
    • Romance: Yes - Lael Rosek?
    • Dept: Science

  • Random Concept
    • Name: Carleigh Duquesne
    • Avatar: Whitney Hoy
    • Species: Human or Bajoran
    • Division: HCO or Engineering or Science (geologist)
    • Romance Option: Anjar Thoran (Maybe)