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Basic Stats

  • Name: Ammiel
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Joined StarBase 118: December 2015
  • Writer ID: C239212CC0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: I quite like to watch TNG, since that is the series which hit me off!


PCs and PNPCs
  Chelin Ch'Gabor
Chief Science Officer

Played since December 2015 - Present


USS Constitution

since December 2015

  Elitsa Hawksin
Medical Officer

Played since September 2016 - Present


USS Constitution

since September 2016

MSNPCs and Others
No Avatar Awern Sedean
Dokkaran Group Leader

Played since August 2016 - November 2016


MSNPC for What Lies Below

OOC activites

  • Featured Bio Contest Team Member