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|NAME = Noa T'Nessa Levinson
|SHIP = {{USS|Juneau}}
|RANK = Ensign
|POST = Science Officer
|COLOR = Blue
|SPECIES = Human (3/4) / Vulcan (1/4)
|GENDER = Female
|BIRTHPLACE = Starbase 295
|IMAGE = Levinson.jpg
|AUTHOR = E239701NL0
<center>[[/Academy Transcript|Academy Transcript]]</center>
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Service Ribbons
|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|1
|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|2
|First Contact Ribbon|1
|Explorer's Ribbon|1
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Awards
|Neelix Award|1
|Xalor Clan Xifilis Award|1
{{Achievements Rack
|Friends in high places
|What's up, doc?
|Penny for your thoughts
|It's all in the details
|A face for the name
|That was awkward
{{Badge Rack
|Awards Ceremony Nominator|1
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'''Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson''' is currently serving as a '''Science Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Juneau}}.
* '''Height''': 1.62m / 5'4"
* '''Weight''': 54kg / 119 lb
* '''Hair color''': Dark Brown, almost black
* '''Hair length''': Mid-back, straight
* '''Hair style''': On-duty, usually tied back to a ponytail. Off-duty, alternating between loose (more common) and ponytail.
* '''Eyes''': Brown
* '''Build''': Slim
|Melody Delri'ise
|RELATIONSHIP=A tactician with hidden depths
|BLURB=Noa and Melody met during their first shore leave aboard the {{USS|Eagle}}. Noa caught Melody in the Eagle's Astrometrics lab, conducting unauthorized scans. Instead of turning Melody in, Noa joined her and helped with the scans. During that time, she also learned of Melody's history as a science officer.
|Quentin Collins
|RELATIONSHIP=Direct superior and scientific colleague
|BLURB=Being Noa's direct superior onboard the {{USS|Eagle}} and the {{USS|Juneau}}, Quentin and Noa were bound to meet at some point since her arrival. They indeed met on the bridge during the Eagle's capture of Admiral Valcose and Sikes. They met on a more official capacity during shore leave, and after [[If This Goes On... (USS_Eagle)|the briefing on the Ringworld]], Quentin had a breakdown - one which Noa managed to handle fairly well, considering it happened so quickly.
* Parents:
** Father: Ilay Selok Levinson (Half-Vulcan, half-Human)
** Mother: Nirit Levinson (Human)
* Sibling:
** Aviv Turik Levinson (Younger brother)
** Paternal grandmother: Lodzhal of Vulcan (Vulcan)
Noa was born just a couple of months before the Dominion War began, on Starbase 295, a starbase in Federation space, close to Earth, with her parents stationed there.
Following the Dominion War, her parents were reassigned to Earth, and as such moved to their old family home at Tel Aviv, Israel, where Noa was raised.
During her childhood she was also taught Vulcan logic and emotional suppression.
Due to her shared heritage, Noa is fluent in Vulcan, Hebrew and English.
At the Academy, Noa focused on the Sciences, primarily Astronomy and Physics. She also focused on programming, especially holo-programming, a subject she greatly enjoyed.
===General behavior, dressing style and personality===
*'''General demeanor while <u>on-duty</u> and during <u>official events</u>:''' Noa tends to keep a stoic, Vulcan-like demeanor, tinted with the slightest amount of emotion. She does let it drop a bit when regulations tend to be less strict, however. She tries her best to hold it, although stress causes her to drop it in varying levels.
*'''General demeanor while <u>off-duty</u>:''' Noa acts much less stoically than the average Vulcan. While she does show a certain level of composure, she allows herself to show her emotions to much more of an extent.
*'''Taste in clothing (on-duty):''' Noa keeps her uniform perfectly by-the book at all times - the Combadge is placed perfectly, the jacket is closed exactly to the border between the grey upper part and black bottom, pips (when there's more than one) are perfectly aligned with each other and placed just in the right position - everything's perfect, much more than what even the strictest officer would require.
*'''Taste in clothing (off-duty):''' Noa's attire is simple, yet somehow fits together at the same time, all while looking good. Her clothing is plain and simple - mostly just plain shirts, pants and skirts. For occasions that require more official attire, she does have more presentable clothes, which she doesn't really wear unless she has to.
*'''Diet:''' Noa is an omnivore, which differs from the usual Vulcan vegetarian lifestyle. Her reason for that is simply because she finds the vegetarian lifestyle restrictive.
Noa generally appears competent when it comes to her fields of study, but is shy to an extent - while it's easy for her to talk about work to people, she finds it hard to engage in small talk with others.
She has a deep appreciation to Vulcan culture, values and philosophy. However, almost every full-blooded Vulcan, with the exception of her paternal grandmother, treated her rather condescendingly, as if they're questioning her life choices that steered her away from being a model Vulcan - including her omnivore lifestyle, hair length, and use of emotions. This resulted in her aiming to evade any contact with anyone who looks Vulcan, when the option exists. When there's no choice, her stoic demeanor kicks in instinctively, regardless of the situation, although some emotions may escape her attention.
Due to her experience with Vulcans, she also has similar issues with counselors - her counselor at the Academy was a Vulcan, and was no different than any Vulcan she met before. This experience led her to thinking any counselor would criticize her like Vulcans criticized her, although she tends to be much more offensive during sessions.
*'''Reading''' - Noa usually tends to read when off-duty:
**Noa always stays updated on the latest scientific articles - especially in the fields of astronomy and physics, but she reads any kind of scientific fact that catches her eye.
**Noa enjoys reading 20th century Earth science fiction - from Niven's Ringworld to Asimov's Foundation.
*'''Programming''' - Noa minored in programming at the Academy, and enjoyed studying it greatly. She enjoys two subjects in particular:
**Noa enjoys creating LCARS interfaces of various complexity, and sometimes tends to break PADDs - evident by at least four PADDs from her Academy time, whose LCARS systems were either completely corrupted or a sufficiently buggy program was running on, causing them to be unusable.
**Noa studied holoprogramming, and tends to create programs that vary from various recreations to programs featuring various randomized elements.
{{Heading|Mission History|Blue}}
====[[Bear No Evil (USS Eagle)|Bear No Evil]]====
Noa has arrived at the {{No USS|Eagle}} just before the mission began, yet was mostly unaware of the happenings until the very end - at which point she arrived at the Bridge, just during the final steps in capturing Francis Sikes. She was able to trace his shuttle's trajectory, leading to the final pursuit.
====[[If This Goes On... (USS Eagle)|If This Goes On...]]====
During the mission to the Ringworld, Ensign Levinson, along with [[Randal Shayne|Commander Shayne]], [[Ash MacKenna|Commander MacKenna]], [[Karen Strong|Doctor Strong]] and [[Artinus Serinus|Lieutenant Serinus]], beamed down to the local village, disguised as natives. They split to two groups, with Levinson and MacKenna headed to a crashed warp nacelle from an Oberth-class starship, which turned out to be a temple for the natives, with only "Medicine men", such as the village medic, Scale-9, or Doctor Strong, allowed entery.
After a return trip to the village, the away team regrouped over lunch, before they were taken to the village's archive - where they discovered tales about a crashed Oberth-class starship - the nacelle of which formed the temple. Convincing the locals to return to the nacelle, the team returned there. The medicine men entered the temple alone at first, with Strong keeping the team advised with Morse code. However, when the situation became more urgent, Levinson, MacKenna and Serinus rushed into the temple themselves. Regrouping with their Doctor and the local medicine man, they interfaced with the controls at the nick of time, repairing the Ringworld's malfunction. After staying for a few hours to help with the village's recovery, as well as studying the village, the away team beamed aboard.
====[[No Matter the Cost (Juneau)|No Matter the Cost]]====
The {{No USS|Juneau}}s first mission was to investigate a comet in the Uiliv system, which was about to collide with the fifth planet in the system. The crew quickly discovered the presence of Eichner radiation emanating from the comet - hinting on the presence of the People. Captain Oddas sent an away team consisting of [[Kos Eiris|Marine Captain Eiris]], [[R'rraww Hontrú|Second Lieutenant Hontrú]], [[Martin Oliver|Ensign Oliver]] and Ensign Levinson on the [[Juneau Auxiliary Craft#Long Range Shuttles|USS Bear]] to investigate. After a few maneuvers to evade chunks of ice from colliding with them, the team finally landed on the comet - which had an artificial facility on it - The source of the radiation. Donning EV suits, the team exited the Bear and broke into the facility.
They passed through an airlock, and arrived at what appeared to be a starship's bridge. They then detected lifesigns, which they soon confirmed to be People lifesigns. However, just before the lifesigns reached the room, the facility's sensors detected a barrage of thermonuclear missiles that had been launched... from the pre-warp planet Uiliv-5; targeted at both the Juneau and the comet - 5 on each. The Juneau managed to evade the missiles aimed at it, which resulted in all 10 missiles flying at the comet. Before impact, the away team, after managing to convince the People to not attack them, managed to get the facility to take off from the comet. To return the Bear to the Juneau, Levinson and Hontrú were beamed aboard it, and they promptly took off from the comet's surface.
The Bear was almost outside of the blast range, however, when the missiles impacted the asteroid. Both Levinson and Hontrú were unharmed, and the Bear suffered only minimal damage. However, one missile failed to detonate and aimed itself at the People facility. Oliver and Elris were beamed off in the nick of time, while the Bear attempted to use its tractor beam to divert the missile's course away from the facility, only to discover it was too late. They flew away at the best possible speed... But the shockwave was much faster.
Soon after the explosion, two things became apparent - the Bear was practically disabled by the blast, and Noa was injured, while Hontrú was relatively unharmed. They communicated with the Juneau, explaining their situation, and were promptly caught in the Juneau's tractor beam.
Noa_Levinson_ID_Card.png|Noa's Starfleet ID card on the Eagle
{{Heading|Service History|Blue}}
<!--:''Below you'll see a table which contains images for rank pips - you can change the word 'Gold' for 'Red' or 'Teal' or one of the other colors listed earlier to match your duty post. Again, not all ranks are available in all colors and/or pipstyles. You can change pips from the default to a different style such as [[Template:DS9Pips|DS9]], [[Template:STOPips|STO]], or [[Template:SlantedPips|Slanted]] by adding DS9, STO, or Slanted after the color.''-->
{{ServiceHistoryRow|Cadet First Class|Blue|DS9|239701.06|Graduated Starfleet Academy|Science}}
{{ServiceHistoryRow|Ensign|Blue|DS9|239701.06 - 239704.28|{{USS|Eagle}}|Science Officer}}
{{ServiceHistoryRow|Ensign|Blue|DS9|239704.28 - Present|{{USS|Juneau}}|Science Officer}}
{{Heading|Awards & Service Ribbons|Blue}}
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|Neelix Award|2020|USS Juneau|It’s not hard to see all the ways that a ship needs volunteers willing to jump in and get their hands dirty, but it is fantastic to have people gleefully leap in and offer their services left and right from the very beginning. For enthusiasm and hard work cannot be missed, it’s our pleasure to present the Neelix Award to our Vulcan-Human hybrid Ensign Noa T’Nessa Levinson! Your support means the world- thank you! }}
{{Citation| Xalor Clan Xifilis Award|2020|USS Juneau|"Since coming aboard Ensign Levinson has made herself an invaluable member of the crew by being a source of unending positivity, friendliness, and willingness to lend a hand where needed. In addition to her steadfast devotion to maintaining a positive atmosphere, she has honed a set of simming skills that is hard to rival - using extended prose and commentary in a way that moves the story purposefully and realistically. These are all great qualities for a player to have, something grateful COs love to find in a player that has only been with us a short time, and qualities we are astounded to find in players that are not playing in their native language.
The amount of time she puts into each sim, and other interactions with the group, in a language, not her own is an example to all of us and makes the entire group better." }}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|239701.06|Starfleet Academy|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}
{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239702.07|USS Eagle|Awarded to the entire Eagle crew for the cooperation with the Marine unit aboard Starabase 821 in order to arrest Admiral Valcose.}}
{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239705.16|USS Juneau|Awarded to the entire Eagle crew for the cooperation with the Acen during the mission to the Ringworld.|2}}
{{Citation|First Contact Ribbon|239705.16|USS Juneau|For conducting first contact with the Acen.}}
{{Citation|Explorer's Ribbon|239705.16|USS Juneau|For providing the first look on the Ringworld's surface, as well as its composition and some of its inhabitants.}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}
{{Heading|SIM Archive|Blue}}
* [https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-eagle/MTLVa-M7djA/O_TMQ5L3BQAJ New Arrival] - '''Stardate 239701.08''' -  Soon after arriving aboard the USS Eagle, Ensign Levinson realizes she may have stumbled upon some deep trouble, so she did what every fresh Ensign would do - head for the Bridge.
* [https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-juneau/EB8-MKp1nm4/Ut6tzF4ABgAJ Pet Project] - '''Stardate 239706.20''' - Noa's favorite holodeck program receives an update.
{{Juneau Crew}}
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