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The Kathesis Pact is an interplanetary state of species located in the Eakarian Expanse. Though formed 500 years ago due to attacks by the Viidian Sodality, the pact has slowly formed a stronger central government, partially as a way to better resist the raids into their space ,and partially due to Borg and Hirogen activity. It is considered the successor state to the Kathesis Wardens of Darkness, but in terms of continuity, traces it's origins and motivations to the foundation of that, when the Viidian Sodality descended on the Nygean colony world of Kathesis and destroyed it after taking the organs of their still living colonists[1]

As of 2379, the Pact has formed into a true federal state and is becoming a regional power, with it now accepting anyone who asks to be invited, although growth on that front is slow, as there are deliberate governmental forms to avoid what happened to Earth and in the Federation.[2]

Currently, it is locked into a struggle with the Viidian Sodality, primarily over war reparations.


  • Major Species: Mislenites, Nygeans, and Pensarkans
  • Location: Delta Quadrant
  • Area: Eakarian Expanse
  • Population: 40 billion
  • Worlds: 21 worlds, 10 of which are colonies
  • Sovereignty: 1812 CE (Earth calendar)
  • Capital: Kathesis
  • Government: Federated Alliance
  • Chief of State: The Lady Protector, K'hath (2368-)
  • Head of Government: Warden of Kathesis, Dalrian (2380-2400)
  • Legislature: Assembly of the Oathsworn
  • Military: Kathesis Pact Navy
  • Currency: Kathesis Mark
  • Language: Kaho

There are some member Talaxian colonies.


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  2. Justice, justice shall you pursue, Gelehi Falshikai, SD 239903.09

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