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  Full name: Namiko Kusayagi
  Date of birth (Age): 237004.23 (22)
  Species: Terran
  Gender: Female
  Hair color: Black
  Eye color: Brown
  Height: 5' 6"
  Parents: Yumi Kusayagi (Mother), Unknown Father
  Siblings: None
  Spouse: None 
  Children: None
The result of a drunken one night stand, Namiko never knew her father. Raised by a single mother who was often struggling to do more than just subsist, Namiko drove herself to aspire to join Starfleet. Secretly idolizing the strategists of the Sengoku Jidai and Romance of the Three Kingdoms era, she studied strategy and tactics as well as starships.

Of course, there isn't much call for small scale tactics in Starfleet. So she more or less shelved the project and continued to study larger scale tactics and strategy. This has lead to her considered an odd one out among many of her peers at the Academy, and in turn, she often thinks less of people who don't see that while regrettable, the ability to defend yourself is necessary. However, she is soft spoken and quiet, so often simply never voices her opinions on matters.

Joined Starfleet 2388.