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M-113 Species

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USS Constitution-B

Canreb/Canreb temp work page
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Last Updated: 239205.14

Omanteal Theta IV

System Information

The Omanteal Theta, and has at least 4 planets.

Omanteal Theta IV
Stellar Cartography
Region Old Romulan Neutral Zone
Sector Omanteal
System Omanteal Theta
Sun(s) Omanteal Theta
Moon(s) 2
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class M
Diameter 12,742 km
Atmosphere Standard
Hydrosphere 60%
Climate Normal, Severe Seasons
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity 0.99g
Primary terrain Stable
Points of interest None
Length of Day ???
Length of Year ???
Native species Onashian
Other species None
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities NA
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation None
Government Federalized Democracy

Planetary Description

Onash is about 40% land, 60% water, with most of the land mass grouped into three continents -- two in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern. With a 30% axis, seasons tend to be more severe than Earth norm.


Sociologically speaking, Onash has had planetary government for a little less than a century, making the planetary government relatively unstable. Only the executive power is in the hands of the planet-wide government, headed by Governor Tarken.

Legislative and other powers still are in the hands of the continental governments, although there is a planetary senate with veto power over the Governor, as well as power to depose the ruling planetary Governor.

Sociological Data

In 2378, a recent trend was increased paranoia about alien species, countering what used to be a people fairly open to the possibility of First Contact


As of 2378, Onash has been engaged in solid-fuel and nuclear powered space exploration for a couple of centuries now, with three semi-permanent space stations currently in orbit around the planet. In the year 2378, the crew of the USS Constituion-B was sent to observe a warp flight

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