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“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin

Commissioned & Launched

The USS Darwin-A was a Horizon-class starship and originally commissioned under the command of Captain Greir Reinard.

The Horizon-class USS Darwin-A

The USS Darwin-A was assigned to the Zeta Gelis Region , a region full of undiscovered mysteries on the frontier of Federation space. A gold mine of scientific opportunity and the gateway to the unexplored regions of the Beta-Quadrant. With Starfleet bolstering its presence in the region to guard against the Zalkonian threat, the USS Darwin-A is deployed as a self-sufficient science ship with the ability to conduct in depth research and study without the need to return to starbase.

The unique design of the Horizon class offered plenty by way of advantages in this region; spatial anomalies, corrosive gases and other such discoveries can be examined safely. Volatile sections of salvaged debris can be transported without risk of harm. The scientific possibilities are endless...

But the volatile political nature of the region itself has also not been lost on Starfleet. The Horizon class is built to last and, while it does not harbor offensive capabilities to equal one of Starfleet's escorts or cruisers, it is resilient by design. A perfect match for an unpredictable region where surprise lurks behind every star system.

Eventually the political climate in the region stabilized and the Zalkonian were no longer a threat. The Darwin was decommissioned on 239107.14.

The Prometheus Event & The Darwin's Relaunch

Prometheus Incident

In response to the crisis at Prometheus Station, the USS Darwin was recommissioned in the Zeta Gelis region under the command of Commander Renos. While Starfleet had been looking to establish a stronger presence in the area—a region ripe with potential for scientific discovery and exploration—for some time, a distress call from a Starfleet survey vessel being pulled into an unidentified phenomenon has prompted the emergency response. With fears that the phenomenon is the latest complication of the Prometheus Incident and the role of the mysterious Zalkonians still unknown, Starfleet has tasked Commander Renos to assemble a team of officers from across the fleet.

The USS Darwin-A was relaunched on Stardate 239202.28.


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