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“If happy little bluebirds fly, Beyond the rainbow, Why, oh, why can't I?”

Dorothy Gale; Wizard Of Oz


Hey, ya'll this is me, Alyssa, better known as Aly. I Currently live and go to school in Colorado where I am studying to become a special education teacher with a minor in American sign language. Overall I am a huge Star Trek fan, mostly for DS9 and Voyager. I can't wait to sim with everyone here.

On a side note as I have mentioned it on discord: I have some aspects of anxiety and sensory processing disorder which help make up who I am.

My personal theme song is: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland

Personal Timeline

  • Born April 3, 2000
  • Graduated high school spring 2018
  • Worked my first summer as a camp counselor (summer 2018)
  • Started college fall 2018
  • Sent in my application on 118 November 29, 2018
  • Graduated from the academy on December 10 2018
    • Since graduating from the academy I have served on both the USS Montreal and USS Astraeus.
  • Switched PC's from Beelam Grog to Sheila Bailey on March 29, 2019
  • Worked my second summer as a camp counselor (summer 2019)
  • Beelam Grog came back as a PNPC June 11, 2019
  • Chen was first used as a PNPC June 11, 2019
  • Promoted to Lt. JG with Sheila Bailey on June 27, 2019
  • Received the Genesis Award on June 27, 2019
  • Went on LOA for a month in August 2019
  • Started my second year of college Fall 2019
  • September 21 2019, my first sim from Chen's POV
  • September 2019: First month I'm proud of being full time
  • Got posted to Ops on November 18 2019 due to unfortunate circumstances
  • My one year anniversary of my application on November 29 2019
  • Introduced Roox Penelope during the Ops 239611-12 mission
  • Introduced Roox Deana, Penelope's sister, during shore leave of 239704

My Characters

A lot of my characters take after one of the roles the face claim has played.

Sheila Bailey.png

Sheila Bailey
Active PC

Sheila Bailey became my PC after I had to retire Beelam for a while as she was becoming to difficult to write with out a plan/direction for the character. Sheila Bailey has become a character that flirts with woman as a way to make my sims more light and humors. Sheila represents the side of me that is confident and advocates for herself.

  • Inspired by Sara Lance From Legends of Tomorrow.
Ensign Roox.jpg

Roox Penelope
Active PNPC

I have not yet fully figured out this character. She is hyper as well as a day dreamer. If I had to say at this moment in time she would referent my fun loving side. She is care free. A combination between Ray from Star Wars and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Eireen Bryne.png

Eireen Bryne
Active PNPC

Eireen Bryne has not yet been written into a sim other than a brief verbal description. So far all I know is that she is a very sassy lassie.

  • Inspired by Jean Grey from the live action X-Men prequel movies

Roox Deana
Inactive PNPC

Roox Deana is a classy business woman. This aspect shows my need for order and organization is certain parts of my life.

  • Inspired by Wonder Woman.
Beelam Grog.jpg

Beelam Grog
Inactive PNPC

Beelam Grog was my original PC. When I started I had no plans for this character but after writing her having her first 'meltdown' I realized she was turning into being an autistic character. After a second 'meltdown' and then a third even worse one involving her hosts I realized with the help of German Galven's writer I had to retire the character for a while. I switched PC's to Sheila Bailey. In early June I brought back Beelam as a PNPC as I felt I could write her better having an idea of what she was facing. Beelam Grog represents the side of me that is unsure and anxious.

  • Inspired by Claudia Donovan From Warehouse 13.
Chen USS Astraeus.jpg

Inactive PNPC

Chen has only been written for a few times so far. All I know is that he is a very romantic character; just what I need to keep my other two characters in check. He is the perfect gentleman representing my loving, caring side.

  • Inspired by Logan Howlett From X-Men.

Character Disabilites

  • Bailey: Mobility difficulties due to gravity
  • P. Roox: Speech impediment
  • Bryne: Deaf and a coordination disorder
  • D. Roox: OCD and ADHD
  • Grog: Autism and anxiety
  • Chen: None


  • Myself
25th Anniversary
Badge 1.png

  • Beelam Grog
Friends in high places
Friends in high places
It's all in the details
It's all in the details
A face for the name
A face for the name
It takes two
It takes two
It's part of the job
It's part of the job


User:Beelam Grog/sandbox: Sheila's Office

OOC Awards

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Genesis Award 239606.27
2019 Award ceremony
With her predilection toward playing characters with traits traditionally considered a handicap, Aly, the player behind Nurse Beelam Grog and Doctor Sheila Bailey, has faced unique challenges in developing her character. She's overcome a great deal with regards to putting her in situations that force change. She's come a long way as a writer and has created a unique backstory that allows others to interact with her character in interesting ways.