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Pushing the plot forward:

Greetings <RANK> <NAME>,

As your mentor, I am going to send you tips and suggestions to help you through this time, and today’s tip is about how to help push the plot forward!

Chances are, you’ve already seen someone else (like me!) push the plot forward at some point. Really, every post we make should be pushing it forward somehow even if it’s just something simple like asking a few questions, or simming the surroundings - all the way to big things like picking up a strange form of radiation in the vicinity.

Chances are though, that you already know how to push the plot the big question is when should I push the plot. Fortunately, the answer is simple as long as it makes sense In Character and does not affect another Character without their express permission, feel free to go nuts!

Remember though, that if you are ever in doubt I, the First Officer and the Captain are there for you to ask! Anything really big should also be pushed past them first, just in case there is a reason why not to do it, or if there is anything they can do to help you!

So, this concludes another mentoring tip. Go out there, and get pushing!