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Basic Stats

  • Name: Cecil
  • Joined StarBase 118: Around April, 2019
  • Writer ID: V239604AM0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie:

100% my favorite is DS9. (At least so far.) I know there are a lot of people who view it as their least favorite. Maybe because it was 'darker' in tone. Or maybe because the fact it was set in the same space consistently. Or even the fact that it approached various forms of spirituality and religion to a series that otherwise kept its religious biases low-key. Maybe they just weren't a fan. All fair enough feelings to have. But I think the aspect of a darker sense of things really brought a sense of realism to everything. I think the spirituality and religion reminded people that nothing is really a monolith. And keeping a lot of it set on a space station made it so they had to try different things to keep it as engaging. And they succeeded all the way. Not to mention that despite the dark tones, it still gave a sense of hope. The chemistry of the characters and their relationships with each other, and their various character arcs was amazing. The people were so dynamic. (And what can I say? Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko rocked! He is arguably the most dynamic character in the Star Trek canon!)

But I am also deeply fond of the TOS crew as well. I can't deny that sometimes I just like to watch TOS because the campy-ness and the relationships of the characters just make me smile even if it's silly sometimes. I do of course also like Enterprise, TNG, and any of the other Star Treks I've seen so far. I think all of them have something special about them that bring me joy to watch. I mean who doesn't rewatch Measure Of A Man just to feel something now and then? (Though, I still have to watch Voyager, and then Discovery and Picard to be fully caught up but I'm getting closer.) But DS9 for what it brought, and TOS for the fact it never fails to bring a smile to my face despite any flaws it may have are my current favorites..

Player Characters

Clik Zae'Li (I'll link the actual page when I figure out how to. There was a character change after a short LOA)



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