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Joined 27 February 2017
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Rachel Abigail Flores

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Basic Stats

  • Name: Juliet
  • Joined StarBase 118: February 16th, 2017
  • Writer ID: A239402AG0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: Deep Space Nine

Service History & Awards

  USS Blackwell (NCC-58999)  
Olympic class
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  USS Columbia (NCC-85279)  
Nebula class
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  USS Astraeus (NCC-70652)  
Galaxy class
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  USS Atlantis (NCC-74682)  
Intrepid class
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  USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)  
Sovereign class
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  USS Chin'toka (NCC-97187)  
Akira class
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  USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B)  
Galaxy class
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Starbase 118 Service History
Insignia Dates Posting Assignment Player Character
239402.27 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239402.28 - 239407.12 Andaris Task Force: USS Blackwell Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239407.12 - 239412.06 Andaris Task Force: USS Blackwell Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239412.06 - 239509.10 Andaris Task Force: USS Blackwell Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239509.10 - 239601.03 USS Columbia Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239601.03 - 239610.29 USS Columbia Chief Medical Officer/2XO Anath G'Renn
239610.29 - 239611.20 USS Astraeus Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239611.20 - 239705.24 USS Atlantis Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239703.28 - 239705.24 USS Gorkon Engineering Officer Rachel Flores
239706.12 - 239708.10 USS Atlantis Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239710.26 - 239801.01 USS Chin'toka Chief Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239806.16 - 239809.15 USS Constitution-B Medical Officer Anath G'Renn
239812.03 - Present USS Constitution-B Engineering Officer Rachel Flores
Awards & Service Ribbons

Silver Palm
Neelix Award
B-Plot Award
Russ Bar
1-year Member
Khan Award
Nebula Bar
Q Award
3-year Member
Genesis Award

Player Achievements

Player Characters

Rachel Flores

Ensign Rachel Flores - Engineering Officer - USS Constitution-B - [ACTIVE]

Secondary-turned-primary character. Rachel was born in the 22nd century and served in the United Earth Starfleet. She witnessed the Xindi Crisis, the foundation of the Coalition of Planets, and fought in the Earth-Romulan War. Her ship encountered a temporal anomaly and was stranded outside of normal spacetime. The survivors were rescued by an away team from the USS Blackwell. After being introduced to the 24th century, Rachel joined the Federation Starfleet and is working to build a new life in the present.

Personal Non-Player Characters

Medical Officer
Anath G'Renn

Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn - Medical Officer - USS Constitution-B - [ACTIVE]

Original PC. Anath is the middle child of a Klingon doctor and a Vulcan biologist. She was raised on Vulcan but maintains an awareness of and fondness for her Klingon heritage. The death of her younger brother Avarak inspired her to study medicine and her best friend's decision to join Starfleet convinced Anath to become a medical officer. She has served on the Blackwell, the Columbia, the Astraeus, the Atlantis, the Chin'toka, and the Constitution-B.

Civilian Researcher

Savok of Vulcan - Civilian Researcher - USS Constitution-B - [ACTIVE]

First PNPC and spouse of Anath G'Renn. Savok is a botanist and staff member at the Vulcan Science Academy. He was betrothed to Anath at an early age and remained on Vulcan while she joined Starfleet. The two were reunited when Savok was assigned to the USS Blackwell as a civilian researcher.


Rol'Q - Civilian Child - USS Constitution-B - [ACTIVE]

Fifth PNPC and nephew of Anath G'Renn. Rol'Q is the young son of Anath's sister Jolash G'Renn and Kolrriq. When the transport ship carrying his parents disappeared on the return home from the Par'tha Expanse, Anath and Savok became his legal guardians.

HCO Officer

Ensign Torrel - HCO Officer - USS Chin'toka - [INACTIVE]

Second PNPC. Torrel is a Denobulan HCO officer. She spent her childhood both home on Denobula and traveling with her father for some of his assignments as a Federation diplomat. As a child she had (and still has) a love for holonovel adventures. This passion translated into an aptitude for programming holodeck programs. Sometimes, she feels that she always winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cheylla Thonn

Ensign Cheylla Thonn - Counselor - USS Constitution-B - [ACTIVE]

Sixth PNPC. Cheylla Thonn is a Bolian counselor. She comes from a typical large family, including being part of a set of triplets. She and her brothers all chose to join Starfleet together, but could not find a posting that required all three of their specialties. Despite this separation, she hopes to make the most of the opportunities to learn and help others grow that Starfleet provides.

Patrick Harbison

Ensign Patrick Harbison - Counselor - USS Chin'toka - [INACTIVE]

Third PNPC. Patrick Harbison is a Human musical prodigy and thought that he would be an excellent intelligence operative. A zero-gravity training exercise gone awry almost cost him his leg during his final year at the Academy, so he turned his skills at interrogation and analyzing behavior to work as a counselor instead.


Rartoll, Son of Qu'Voq - Freighter Captain - Klingon Empire - [INACTIVE]

Fourth PNPC and grandfather of Anath G'Renn. Rartoll is a Klingon freighter captain. His father is the head of the family's house and owner of a major Klingon winery. He has recently begun making routine trade runs to the Par'tha Expanse through Deep Space 26.

FNS Journalist
Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward - Journalist - Federation News Service - [FNS AUTHOR]

Federation News Service author character. Amanda Woodward is a Human from Alpha Centauri III. She spent several years reporting for the Centauri Times before joining the FNS. Since joining, several of Woodward's articles have been published by the FNS.

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