Basic Stats

  • Name: Jared or J or Sherlock
  • Location: Monongahela, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Joined StarBase 118: Stardate 239712.06
  • Writer ID: R239712AS0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: Next Gen is the best gen! Although, I eventually took a liking to Enterprise. Star Trek V is my guilty pleasure movie. SNW and Space Daddy are quickly becoming a top.
  • SB118 emails:
  • Discord: TheRealSherlock#6926
  • Instagram: @jdcsherlock

About Me

My hobby is collecting hobbies. I love talking about them so don't be afraid to ask. Everything from watch making to gunsmithing to writing. I was, in my previous life, an extreme sports athlete as well. GP and Superbike racing, competitive rock climbing, to big wave surfing.

Player Characters

Aine Sherlock
Aine Sherlock LtJG 01.png


Shevon Sherlock
PO3 Shevon Sherlock.png

Malcolm Graves
Master chief graves.png

Rilkald Zetol (retired)
Chief Petty Officer Rilkald Zetol.jpg


Note: Any current crew member is allowed to sim the following characters.

Eren th'Chaorhith
Eren th'Chaorhith.png

Kristoff Saukkot
Captain kristoff saukkot.png


Talar R'mor.png
Talar R'Mor, Romulan first officer of the transport ship Ekhesai (Mercy). Mission: Stranded.

Raban, Suliban terrorist who participated in the attempted theft of an illegal Genesis device 2398. Mission: Cats Among The Pigeons

ULTIMATE ANTAGONIST! (Ok, maybe he's not such a bad guy, he's coming back)

Lt Melvin Hollis Martinson.png
The Academy Ex, Lieutenant Melvin Martinson.

Mock Cadet

Merik s'Liun



OOC Awards

Citation (2398): Since coming aboard out of the Academy, Sherlock has been willing to jump on in and participate in anything that any of us needed help with. From the wiki, to images, and just JPing and connecting with the rest of us, Sherlock’s contributions go a long way towards making the Resolution feel like home.

Citation (2400): Amanda: Jared had thrown himself into helping in out of character ways. Perhaps the most visible contribution are his efforts in working with images. Not only does he fulfill requests for the group at large, but takes the time to work on specific requests for those in Ops. Last year, Ops won the Halloween Avatar Contest, all thanks to the time and effort he put into the images. He’s always willing to help facilitate, contribute ideas to the story, and just help people out whenever needed or requested. Congratulations!

Jamie: Jared, your graphic contributions are amazing and have helped us out so much since you have come onboard. Thank you for your support in the Fleetwide Halloween Avatar contest, you did such a fantastic job! And in game you’ve been great with leading security teams and helping out with missions, which is a huge help. Thank you for everything you have contributed to make Ops an awesome place to play!

Citation (2398): By adding imagery to our wiki, offering image creation services to us and others, and by generally putting pictures to the things we write, Sherlock provides yet another layer of creativity and depth to what we do. While it may seem like these are another part of the process, they are very appreciated and definitely make what we write more real and enjoyable for all.

Citation (2399): Jared is always and forever adding special touches with his skills in rendering and photoshop. He's created visuals of numerous locations, such as the Resolution memorial, and the unforgettable face of Commodore Coffee, as well as 'class rings' for Academy graduates and a number of photoshop manipulations as requested by members of the fleet. Truly awesome work!

Citation (2398): Presented by Kalianna Nicholotti: There is a lot that goes into a good security officer. With plenty of on-screen examples, we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to serve in this role on a starship, but it takes a special writer to bring it all together. The recipient of this year’s Natasha Yar Pin, Jared - aka Lieutenant JG Aine Sherlock - does a fantastic job and exemplifies everything we look for. Strong, true, smart, and witty. The character Jared writes jumps off the page and fills the role so well I can't imagine the Resolution without her.

Citation (2399): During two of our missions, Aine was injured and simmed it well, both in the moment and throughout the recovery. First was in protecting her crewmates during a hostage situation on Rinascita station where she was shot in subduing a Suliban terrorist. With emergency surgery having to be done before getting back to a ship to stabilize her, she simmed the ensuing mental strife well. Then, on the next mission, she found herself concussed, and in a state of mental disarray...which was ultimately quite fun to read.

Citation (2400): Amanda: Jared, the writer behind Sherlock, has never been afraid to throw difficulties at his character. Sometimes, that may manifest itself in physical injuries, but at others those trials can be more mental or emotional in nature. He has continued some of these challenges and thrown in some new ones, such as what happened at Rinascita. There’s no doubt he likes to torture his character and will continue to do so. Congratulations!

Jamie: Jared, I find your Aine sims are gripping and you have continually peeled back layers of this character to expose the traumas of past missions and the haunts of past events. This makes for some incredible character development as well as great reading material. Keep up the excellent writing!

Citation (2399): Recognized with the Vega award on ship, Aine Sherlock’s contributions to the fleet at StarBase 118 go well beyond just their own ship. Jared, the writer behind Aine is a prolific contributor to the image collective, and specializes in not only character portraiture but more complicated designs such as 3-D models, blueprints for locations and odd jobs such as memorial plaques, coffee designs and in-world signage. This amazing graphics talent helps to being our setting alive and invigorates our wiki!

Aine’s skills are always growing and the player is not afraid to tackle challenges. Special thanks for all the hard work done on the 3-D models of Amity station as well as settings for the Excalibur-A and StarBase 118 Ops! It is commendable for a graphic artist to support their ship, but Aine goes above and beyond, supporting other ships and installations at a fleetwide level. Nominations from across the fleet recognized and thanked Jared for his willingness to work with others and incredible graphic skill.

A true graphics wizard, a wonderful fleet supporter and an amazing player, I am thrilled to present Aine Sherlock with this year’s Okuda Award! It is very well deserved!



Tour of Duty Achievements - Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Friends in high places
What's up, doc?
Penny for your thoughts
It's all in the details

Tour of Duty Achievements - Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant

A face for the name
Data hound
Follow up appointment
A head full of dreams

Tour of Duty Achievements - Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander

Man on a mission
Speak your mind
Detail oriented
Take a deep breath for me


Back to the past
Part of the team
It takes two
Press F to Honor
Rules of engagement
The Collective Intelligence
Holy dArtagnan!
I heard that
Subspace Communicator
Friend in need
Honored guests
She was a fine ship
No pearly gates, only revolving doors
What do you want to do tonight, Brain?
I survived the Agony Booth
Don't feed it after midnight

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