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User:Aigle Phos/Skyfire, Chythar/Science Degree

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Starfleet Academy Records

General Info

Name: Chythar Skyfire
Acceptance: 238402.05
Graduation: 238902.17
Major: Science
Minor/s: Xenobiology, Medicine


Core Classes

  • Administration: StarFleet Operations
  • Administration: Chain of Command and General Protocol
  • Diplomacy: General
  • Engineering: Computer Memory and Personnel Interface
  • Engineering: LCARS Programming 1 [CORE]
  • Engineering: Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks [CORE]
  • Engineering: Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems [CORE]
  • History: Federation [CORE]
  • Language: Federation Standard [CORE]
  • Law: Federation, General [CORE]
  • Language: Klingon Level 1 [CORE]
  • Mathematics: Concepts [CORE]
  • Medicine: First Aid and Field Medicine [CORE]
  • Physics: Concepts [CORE]
  • Piloting: Runabouts and Shuttles [CORE]
  • Survival: Starship Emergencies [CORE]
  • Survival: Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training [CORE]
  • Tactics: Combat, Unarmed [CORE]
  • Tactics: Combat, Small Weapons [CORE]
  • Xenobiology: Concepts [CORE]
  • Xenology: General [CORE]


Science Major Requirements

  • Astronomy: Astrophysics, General [Science]
  • Astronomy: Astrophysics, Advanced [Science]
  • Chemistry: Physical Chemistry 1 [Science]
  • Chemistry: Physical Chemistry 2 [Science]

Physics classes

  • Physics: Electrodynamics [Science]
  • Physics: Warp Theory [Science]
  • Physics: Thermal Dynamics [Science]
  • Physics: Quantum Mechanics [Science]
  • Physics: Thermodynamics[Science]

Xenobiology Courses

  • Xenobiology: Genetics, Humanoid 1
  • Xenobiology: Genetics, Humanoid 2
  • Xenobiology: Pathology
  • Xenobiology: Neuroscience
  • Xenobiology: Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems
  • Xenobiology: Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod


Specialization Courses

  • Engineering Seminar
  • Xenology: Borg Specialty
  • Xenobiology: Neuroscience
  • Medicine: Surgery, Major Humanoid Species
  • Medicine: Surgery, Non-Humanoid Species
  • Medicine: Post-Operative Conditions
  • Law: Federation, Interplanetary
  • Law: Non-Federation
  • Psychology: Hostilities
  • Astronomy: Stars

Final Exam

  • Cadet Skyfire completed his Cadet Cruse aboard the holographic USS Centris-A

Disciplinary Record

((I don't know if this is applicable))