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Using the wiki, you can create a very rich and detailed character page with information about your character, an archive of sims, and much more. The tutorial below will teach you more about this.

Character Page vs. User Page

As you may already be aware, you automatically have a user page when you register on the wiki. If you look to the top of the page you're on right now, you'll see a small list of links, the leftmost link being your username. Now, we need to create a distinction between the "User" or "Writer" and the "Character". There's only one of you, the user, while you can have many characters. As such, it's not very efficient to use your user page as your character page, because you may have more than one character. And creating more than one username is also not very efficient.

So, use your user page to give information about you, the writer, or at the very least, to create a LIST of characters you write for, and then link to them from there. But you will want to actually create a specific page for each character.

Creating the Character Page

Before you can create a character page, it's helpful to understand how to create a page, and how to name it properly. Please read the content at both of the links below:

Character pages

Now that you have read about how to create and name pages correctly you can proceed with creating your own character page.

Before you begin, keep in mind that you are free to add and edit as much as you wish. The following examples of character pages are just "starting points" to work from.

Click on each of the links below to view our standard, template character pages. Read the instructions on the page for more information about how to choose the template you'd like to use. You can always add elements from other templates once you've started. (For example, if you want a basic template, you could look here Bridge Bunny Templates

Basic Character Pages

This is a very basic starting character page with just a short description of your character. This is an excellent page to start with as it is simple to fill out and allows for simple alterations to fit your needs.

Advanced Character Pages

After you have played for a while you will probally want to add some more information to your character. This is a more advance character form that you could use. It can also be adapted to fit your characters requirements.

Complex Character Pages

The final example we have supplied is an extremely indepth approach to makeing a character page. This one will involve makeing addition pages that will be linked to your first page. This will allow for the addition of a great more detail and information as well as history and any other extra information or pictures that you might want to add.

NEW! Easy Starter Bio

The Featured Bio Contest Team has created an Easy Starter Bio Template to help those who wish to create a bio that meets the judging criteria of the contest. You can fully customize the colors of the headers and the names of the various sections to suit your needs. If you have any questions, just contact a member of the Featured Bio Contest Team.

Adding Categories

Once you have selected the type of character page you will use you will need to add the following information to the bottom of the page. Read the next section carefully to make sure you do not miss anything.

All pages on the wiki should be categorized. The category tag(s) should be the last text on the page, one to a line.

The first category tag you should add is as follows: [[Category:Characters]]

Duty Post/Occupation

After that you will need to identify if your character is a member of StarFleet or a Civilian:

  • If your character is a StarFleet officer, add: [[Category:Starfleet personnel]]
  • If your character is a Civilian of some type, add: [[Category:Civilians]]

Next, what does your character do?:

  • S/he is an Engineering officer: [[Category:Engineers]]
  • S/he is a Nurse: [[Category:Nurses]]
  • S/he is a Doctor or Medic: [[Category:Healers and doctors]] and [[Category:Medical Officers]]
  • S/he is a Counselor: [[Category:Mental Health experts]] and [[Category:Counselors]]
  • S/he is a Security officer: [[Category:Security Officers]]
  • S/he is a Tactical officer: [[Category:Tactical Officers‎]]
  • S/he is a Helm Officer: [[Category:Helm Officers]]
  • S/he is a Communications Officer: [[Category:Communications Officers‎]]
  • S/he is a Operations Officer: [[Category:Operations Officers‎]]
  • S/he is a HCO officer: [[Category:HCO Officers]]
  • S/he is a Science officer: [[Category:Scientists]] and [[Category:Science Offiers]]
  • S/he is a Starfleet Captain: [[Category: Commanding Officers]]
  • S/he is a Diplomatic Officer, or Ambassador: [[Category: Diplomats]]
  • S/he is a Marine of some type: [[Category:Marines]]
  • S/he is an Intelligence officer of some type: [[Category:Intelligence Officers]]
  • S/he is a First Officer: [[Category:First Officers‎]]
  • S/he is a Chief Medical Officer: [[Category:Chief Medical Officers]]
  • S/he is a Chief Engineer: [[Category:Chief Engineers‎]]

Complete list of duty post categories can be found at the Individuals by duty post category.

More occupations found in the Individuals by occupation category.


Many races already have categories available. Simply head to the Individuals by species category and find yours. Add that category, like so: [[Category:Vulcans]].

If yours is not represented, seek assistance from an Admin.


Does your character fit one of the following traits?:

  • if she/he has any ESP like abilities then they would be a Reader. For more information about this or to make sure your character qualifies as a reader follow the link, Reader. Once you are sure your character qualifies as a reader then add the following category: [[Category:Reader Characters]]
  • is she/he is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered character then add the following category: [[Category:GLBT Characters]]
  • if she/he holds a noble title then add this category: [[Category:Nobility]]
  • if she/he is a Secondary Character for you then add this category: [[Category:Secondary Characters]]
    • Keep in Mind that only officers who are above the rank of Lt. may request a secondary character. See Characters FAQ for more info on how to request a secondary character.

Current Starship or Base

You'll need to add yourself as a member of the current crew you are on. We maintain a list of current ship categories at Category: Characters by ship. Find the one that matches your ship, and add it to your profile!

If you have changed ship, your old ship should have a category for former PCs (e.g. Category:Independence-A Alumni). If so, add this to the bottom of your characters page at the same time as adding it to the PC's category for your new ship. For the alumni categories, please check Category:Alumni Categories

Character Status

Characters die, or retire, as things change. We have categories for that, as well.

  • S/he is deceased: [[Category:Deceased characters‏‎]]
  • S/he is retired: [[Category:Retired characters]]

Other Tutorials


In most cases if after reading this you still require assistance you can usually ask either your Captain or 1st Officer. They should be able to either help you out or direct you to someone who can assist you.


Our Featured Bio Team reviews the best bios on the wiki and curates a list of the top examples. You can find lots of inspiration for your own bio by checking out their List of Featured Bios.

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