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Aigle Phos

Joined 18 June 2012
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Hello! My name is James Bolton and I currently write for Aigle Phos of the USS Doyle-A (who used to be my secondary on the USS Discovery-C). Previously, I played Seff of the USS Constitution-B who is now a PNPC aboard the USS Doyle-A and James who was my PC on the USS Constitution-B, USS Excalibur-A, USS Darwin-A, Starbase 118, USS Drake, and USS Discovery-C and is now a PNPC on the USS Doyle-A. In real life I'm from the UK (Specifically South Wales, although I now live in the mid) and am currently in University studying Medieval and Early Modern History.

Name: James
Date of Birth: April 30th
Gender: Male
Country of Residence: Wales, UK
Date Joined UFOP: June 18th, 2012
Cadet Cruise CO: Liam Frost
"As the dust settled, revealing the true extent of the devastation that James had wrought, he saw the fate that awaited him - Pandora, wearing a look of irritation and holding out a mop and bucket."
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"Lt James: catches falling Romulans, Counsels ensigns in need, fixes warp cores... hardest working Vulcan in Starfleet!"
Sal Taybrim

Main Character/s
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
Lieutenant Phos USS Doyle-A Science Officer Active
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
Lieutenant Commander James Deep Space 285 First Officer Active
Lieutenant Commander Seff USS Doyle-A Tactical Officer Active
Sub-Commander S'Bok USS Doyle-A Science Officer Active
Lieutenant Beckett USS Doyle-A Operations Officer Active
Civilian Nakamura Deep Space 285 Engineering Officer Active
Lieutenant Dessvilles Deep Space 6 Tactical Officer Inactive
Ensign Fax DSX - LoA Tactical Officer Inactive
Civilian Hardy Starbase 118 Ops Diplomat Inactive
Civilian Hardar "Howler" E'G'G Starbase 118 Ops Civilian Inactive
Academy Character/s
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
Cadet /Khan USS Centris-A Cadet Active
NPC Vessels
Icon Vessel Type Status
Schooner-icon1.png Haidora Maru Schooner-class Active
Antares-icon1.png USS Tell Antares-class Active

Player Promotion History

Rank Earned on Date
Ensign 238906.18
Lieutenant JG 239006.21
Lieutenant 239010.09
Lt. Commander 239102.17

Awards & Service Ribbons