Urlista Station

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Par'tha Expanse

Urlista Station

Production Information

  • Manufacturer:
  • Class:
  • Model:
  • First Production date:
  • Expected Lifespan:
  • Modified By:

Technical specifications

  • Size
    • Length:
    • Width:
    • Height/Depth:
    • Mass:
  • Movement
    • Maximum Acceleration:
    • Maximum Speed:
  • Primary Power Plant:
  • Secondary Power Plant:
  • Crew
    • Standard:
    • Minimum Crew:
    • Passengers/Inhabitants:
    • Maximum Capacity:
  • Cargo Capacity:


  • Offensive Capabilities:
  • Defensive Capabilities:
  • Sensors:
  • Communications:


  • External Docking:
  • Internal Bays:
  • Transporters: none
  • Tractor Beams:
  • Craft:
  • Other Features:



  • Role: commerce, recreation
  • Affiliation: Freeworlds Council
  • Constructed:
  • Destroyed: n.a.
  • Battles:
  • Owners: Sonaris, Horatio
  • Current Population:
  • Points of Interest:
  • Services:

Urlista Station, sometimes called Urlista City, is a space station that orbits the world of Aelann. As the Aelann system is situated near a major trade route in the Freeworlds Region of the Par'tha Expanse, the station acts as a major supply depot and refueling station for starships heading into or out of the Expanse, the Solerian Sector, or through the Expanse towards Valcarian space.

Urlista Station has a three-tiered structure. At the top is a city-like structure, which is home to entertainment and recreational facilities for travelers. Below that are the extensive commerce and cargo storage areas. There are also dozens of space docks for smaller ships. These space docks have a modular construction, and can easily be reconfigured for starships of various classes and sizes. At the bottom is the engineering section, complete with power generators, communications arrays, and a smattering of scientific sensors and devices. Turbolift tubes and corridors lead from the smaller docking bays into the main part of the station.

The station is approximately 2,993 meters wide and 1,958 meters tall.