Uria, Katlin

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Rank: Lieutenant(jg)
Race: Terran/Betazoid
Gender: Female
eyes: blue/green
Height: 5'1
Hair: Long Golden Blonde:
Weight: 100 lbs
Age: 26

Background: Katelin comes from a good family, her father is a Judge Advocate for the Federation and her mother, enjoyed the prestige of having a powerful husband but she to worked hard working for a trade conglomerate as an "advisor". Her mother was a pure blue blooded Betazoid and her farther a pure blood Terran.

When Katelin left university and then Starfleet academy at the age of 21 with her law degree and doctorate in Criminal Psychology she went to work for her father who taught her the techniques she would latter use to bring battle hardened Admirals to their knees in in tears at the JAG court rooms across the entire sector. With excellent communication skills and a talent for Administration she soon found that LAW was what she enjoyed doing, it gave her a sense of power which leveled the field between male and female.

It was not until her 22nd birthday that she decided she wanted more, she defended a female Marine who had been unfairly dismissed, Katelin realized that she did not just want to see that the law was being upheld but she wanted to be there on the front line, she wanted to defend the United Federation of Planets and all that it stood for, and what better way to do that than to join Starfleet.. 4 years later she was assigned to Starbase 118 and then later quickly promoted and assigned to the Constitution-B. After serving as a Tactical Officer for a short time she found it easier than walking the beat so opted for tactical and intel training in the field.. surveillance and counter surveillance and personality profiling becoming some of her strongest points.