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Uri (Paladin)

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  • Duration - 237902.21-237907.22
  • Mission Title - "Uri"
  • Mission Tag - The seemingly innocent discovery of an artificial life-form with ties to ancient Earth by the Paladin crew could have dire consequences for the galaxy.

Mission Brief

System YH097. An unromantic name because it came to the Federation's attention only several months ago when a warp probe on a several year long trip into this empty area of the Beta Quadrant finally returned with its data. Part of the course of the probe took it close enough to this system to pick up what amounts to radio-telescopic signals originating from that location. The probe was about one hundred light years from the system when it picked up the signals, so the most conservative assumption is that, even if the probe caught the very first signals from that system, the signals were already a century old by the time the probe happened across them. YH097 is 909 light years from Earth. It would take even a ship capable of cruising at warp 9 about 230 days to get to that system; and of course, the same time back. Paladin, on the other hand, can get there in 77 days.

Our mission is first contact. We are to head there at maximum warp, enter the system, and conduct a full EM, BIO and cultural survey. Then, if in our discretion the situation warrants it, we are to introduce ourselves.

Mission Summary

A possible First Contact mission for a newly assemble crew on a newly christened vessel. Excitement and anticipation were abundant on Paladin.