Unity of Breeds (Challenger)

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"Unity of Breeds" Episode Number: 25

Written by Toni Turner

Teaser: Governor Caral Rae is the lone survivor of Colony 43129, which has been destroyed by high winds. "Unity of Breeds" chronicles his quest to return to his homeland.

Situation: StarFleet orders the U.S.S. Challenger to rescue Rae, take him home to Trill, and as a show of goodwill, the Senior Staff is to visit with Trill Dignitaries to show the Federation's high regard for the Trill people - a cushy diplomatic job.

NPC Characters & Location

  • Governor Caral Rae/Changeling Traxso played by Toni Turner
  • Admiral Henry Anderson, Starfleet Intelligence, played by Toni Turner
  • Solar System: Alpha Quadrant
  • Planet: Trill Class M Kalandra sector Current Tech Level N+

Opening SIM

Caral Rae, leans over his desk, frantically trying to make a connection with any and all passing ships, but the joined Trill doesn't know if anyone is picking up the transmission or not. His efforts seem futile, but his options have run the gamut, and all have failed.::

Rae: Mayday! Mayday! This is Caral Rae on Colony 43129. Mayday!

His screen screeches and flickers, but still he tries to make the desperate call.

Rae: Mayday! Mayday! This is Caral Rae at Colony 43129. Can anyone hear me?

The wind howls as it smashes against the window, rushing into the portal and shattering Rae's view screen. The transmission ends, and the wrath of the wind stops. Silence sweeps through the room.

Rae lifts his head cautiously, alert to any sound, then pushes up to stand. He scans the room for any sign of his tormentor, then sits down at the computer, realizing that even though the screen is smashed, he still can make a vocal transmission.

Rae: Mayday! Mayday! This is Caral Rae, of Colony 43129. I need immediate assistance. Mayday!

(( Ferengian Freighter))

Lar: Petoc, I'm picking up a weak distress call from Colony 43129. They want immediate assistance.

Petoc: Ask them how much they are willing to pay.

Lar: I haven't been able to reach them. Seems they can transmit but cannot receive.

Petoc: ::Flips his hand in the air, shaking his four-node head:: I'm not doing it for nothing. I'm running a business you know. Hail Starfleet and put the cost on their time and energy.


The U.S.S. Challenger is sent to rescue the Trill Scientists. The colony has been destroyed by the high winds and Governor Rae is the lone survivor. He, of course, wants to go home to Trill. StarFleet orders the Challenger to take him, and as a show of goodwill, the senior staff is to visit with Trill Dignitaries to show the Federation's high regard for the Trill people - a cushy diplomatic job.

After he is on the ship, strange things begin to happen. Settings are changed to maximum warp, the Captain's voice is imitated to give commands, Red alerts are being sounded with no cause, engineering shows that things are not working when they really are, biobeds show that patients are sicker than they are - a patient shows no vitals, presumably dead, but sitting up and talking. Space scans show the ship is under attack. Marine pilots are scrambled into action but return, having seen nothing. Everyone on the ship is seeing things move or are not there.

The ship finally gets to Trill, but when the Senior Staff is ready to beam down there is a delay, and Governor Rae gets upset, and demands to go to the surface, but when the delay continues, he gets so made he attacks the Transporter Attendant, then changes into a whirlwind and becomes Traxso a Changeling who reeks havoc on the Challenger, demanding they send him to the surface.

Reason: Revenge

Rae is not Rae. He was replaced by a evil Changeling who was raised on the colony of Trill as a slave. He was tormented by the colonist. When he became of age, he swore revenge on the colony, and Rae was the last one he killed. Not satisfied he wants revenge on the species, so the Changeling took Rae's form, hoping to find passage to Trill to "do in" the rest. He takes the form of anything, but his favorite is the wind.


The only way to defeat the Changeling, is to out smart it. e.g. on episode of Star Trek had a evil Changeling turn himself into a loaf of bread, and it was eaten. Another way is to prevent him from turning to his liquid form which he has to do every 16 hours. In his weakened state he can be tricked and subdued in a stasis chamber.