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The Advocate is a gay bar / restaurant on Starbase 118's promenade. It is run by a by a male, Argelian, named Glenn Runym. He is a large man with a straight black hair and a disarming laugh. The Advocate is a place for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, androgynous and transgendered individuals. Runym came to the Starbase as part of the reconstruction crew after the attack by the rogue marines but there was no place for him or others like him to relax after work. He opened the Advocate believing there was a market for such a place. He was right. The place is a four star restaurant until about 10 pm (2000 hours) and then the tables are cleared, the music comes up, and people burn off all the calories they just consumed. The place is known for some really fantastic parties. In some way the club has been taken over by straight customers who have heard it is sort of "the place to be." Glenn Runym is happy to allow anyone and everyone in the place, but has no qualms about reminding anyone who takes "offense" at things WHO the place caters to.

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