Undercover Mercs (Eagle)

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Stardate Beginning 238503.02 - Their first mission, once the initial shakedown cruise was completed, was to police the sector surrounding Starbase 118. Illegal activity, including piracy and other attacks upon commercial vessels, had been on the rise. Due to the search of various freighters that seemed to be acting in a questionable manner, Captain Taboo checked with Starfleet Intelligence and found that all the information seemed to be pointing towards Cart'hen III as a possible central location for all the illegal activity plaguing the sector.

On Stardate 238503.02 Captain Taboo selected a choice team to undertake an undercover mission on the surface of Cart'hen III. This team would be led by his First Officer Lt. Commander Victoria Yladro.

On Stardate 238504.04 a major upheaval took place within the government of the city of Mith. The leader of their council of 11, a suspected criminal by the name of Gavik, was assassinated. At this time a team of Starfleet officers from the USS Eagle was on planet undercover as mercs, searching for Gavik to arrest him for questioning. One of the team, a Lt. Tal Tel-ar, was arrested by members of the city Enforcers, a quasi-police force and charged with the crime.

The Enforcers had video proof of Lt. Tel-ar's involvement and signed statements from five eye witnesses that claimed he forced his way into a high security area useing explosives. Once inside he opened fire and killed six body guards. Then he confronted Gavik before shooting him repeatedly in a ruthless display of overkill.

Found guilty and sentenced to death, Lt. Tel-ar was beaten almost to death. Only a last minute rescue mission under the command of Lt. Commander Keely with the assistance of a local guide named Dar and mystery woman Lady Avalia was successful. The away team was then rescued by LtCmd Ben Hunnicutt piloting an Aero-Wing.

Enroute to the Eagle, Lt. Arista Devar provided medical care to Tel-ar. After returning to the ship, Lt. Tel-ar underwent 4 hours of emergency surgery. The guide, Dar, was given passage off world in return for her assistance.

The USS Eagle left orbit and set a return course for Starbase 118.