Ukaramesh Blanufic

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Ukaramesh Blanufic is an engineer currently assigned to the Menthar Corridor as Chief of Operations of DSX. Well liked by his colleagues, and passing his Academy exams with positive marks, Blanufic spent a three-month long cadet cruise was on the station Deep Space 17 under the mentorship of Tristam Core.[1][2]

According to Core, when Blanufic took the Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy, he opted for his ship to ignore the distress call and continued on their way - upon the completion of the test, he was asked to undergo career counselling.[3]

After his reassignment, Blanufic contacts Core regarding a strange SCE report containing mainly gibberish to do with nanotechnology and an Intrepid-class starship's warp core, claiming that "strange things" have been happening aboard the station and that their local research and development team may have been affected.[4]


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