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The USS Zephyr was the last of five Saber class vessels to be fully assembled at the Xerius Covandra Production Facility, Napia II in 2369. This was the only time that this facility ever produced warships, and it was only possible due to the modular nature of the Saber design. After this they returned to producing only civilian freighters.

Commissioned the USS Zephyr, NCC-60687 it was named for the ancient Greek god of the west wind, (Zephyrus) and was assigned to patrol the Alpha quadrant out of Starbase 56. It remained here under the command of various different Captains until 2373 when it was reassigned to the Bajor Sector and saw service through out the entire Dominion war.

During the final days of that war in 2375 it became engaged in a battle with two Breen destroyers. During the coarse of the battle it suffered damage that resulted in multiple hull breaches and a venting of the atmosphere into space. It would not be found for almost 2 years floating derelict in space. When it was found by the USS Gryphon, the crew were retrieved and buried in honor.

As for the USS Zephyr it was sent to the Avondale Production Facility, Rigel II to be repaired, had most of the hull damage fixed when it was pulled from service and sent to the Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 in orbit of Qualor II.

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