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“The candle of liberty has always been kept lit by a vigilant few.”

Russell Pearce

The Hephaestus-class USS Vigilant-A

The USS Vigilant-A is a Hephaestus-class starship that was launched under the command of Fleet Captain Diego Herrera. On stardate 239106.01, command was transferred to the former commanding officer of Deep Space 6, Captain Christian Hallam.

Following the loss of the original USS Vigilant to a systemwide cascade failure in 2391 and in the face of growing Zalkonian unrest in the Zeta Gelis Region, Starfleet Command took the decision to commission the USS Vigilant-A. A Hephaestus-class starship, equipped with a quantum slipstream drive and capable of operating in Multi-Vector Mode, the latest incarnation of the Vigilant is tougher and better equipped to deal with the demands of maintaining a Starfleet presence in such a remote sector.

Political intrigue now swirls around Zakdorn IV in light of questions raised about equality among Federation member worlds. The tempo of the Zalkonian race for military strength increases. Brave new worlds tear at the curiosity of any who claim to hold an explorer's spirit. And all the time, the eyes of an old adversary peer unblinkingly at the Vigilant and her stalwart ally, the USS Darwin from under a cloak of allegiance. Can the vigilant few keep lit the candle of liberty, or will chaos reign on the borders of Federation space?

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