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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”


The USS Veritas is an extended-range medium cruiser commissioned in 2381 and the lead ship of her class. Her current commanding officer is Captain Roshanara Rahman, and her first officer is Lt. Commander Sky Blake.

Veritas is assigned to serve the Federation colonies of the Colonial Coalition in the volatile region along the Tholian border known as the Shoals. With Starfleet's constrained resources in the post-Dominion War/post-Hobus era stretched over an ever growing list of domestic and foreign commitments across the two quadrants, Veritas is the sole Starfleet ship operating in the area, and her homeport in the Shoals is Star Station Esperance, on the non-Federation world Esperance.

Veritas launched under the command of Captain Liu Sheng-Wen in 2381. Liu had been a part of the class's development project at the Antares Fleet Yards and led the ship on its year-long shakedown cruise before completing a four-year tour of duty. The ship completed an additional four-year tour of duty under the command of Commander T'Lan from 2386 to 2390.

In 2390, Captain Rosa Carrero was given command of Veritas. During Carrero's tenure, Veritas was assigned to Operation Safe Harbor, an anti-piracy effort by Starfleet begun in 2391, and began operating in the Shoals. In 2392, she combated drug trafficking in the Jov Parom Sector.

In 2393, Veritas completed a tour of duty and visited Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor for shore leave. At the end of that year, Carrero was killed while meeting with the governor of Shadow's Edge during an attack by unknown assailants. Admiral sh'Hiel subsequently reassigned Captain Roshanara Rahman of the USS Syracuse to assume command and investigate the incident, in particular because a former shipmate of Rahman's, Evan Delano, was possibly linked. To assist her with the task, sh'Hiel granted Rahman's request to reunite the former members of the USS Invicta senior staff who had been scattered across various postings after their tour of duty aboard the Invicta had ended six months earlier.

Veritas class USS Veritas

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