USS Valkyrie

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USS Valkyrie, NCC-76148

A Defiant-class ship, the USS Valkyrie was under the command of Captain Camarie Vail Gabriel in 2379 when both it and the USS Freedom-A were surrounded by Romulan forces within the Neutral Zone.

The Valkyrie suffered an explosion in main engineering that did little damage, except to destroy the cloaking device and damage the warp drive just as four Romulan Warbirds decloaked. Romulan captain S'renik called for the immediate surrender of the Valkyrie and the Freedom-A, under the command of Robert Falcon. The majority of Valkyrie's crew were transported to the Freedom-A, leaving only a skeleton crew on the Defiant-class vessel. Both Starfleet ships attempted to fight their way free, damaging one Warbird enough to create a hole for the Freedom-A to warp away through. The Valkyrie, however remained trapped, and was eventually destroyed.

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