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“The Keeper of the Flame”

The USS Titan, NCC-78164, was only the sixth Sovereign Class vessel to leave Federation shipyard and was commissioned in early 2379 at the San Franscisio Yards, Earth. Commanded by Captain T. Draigon, she has seen much more than her fair share of active duty. Whether this be in and around some of the most difficult and dangerous situations in recent times, dealing with unknown and potentially hostile races or untangling the complex web of alien diplomacy and intelligence operations.



The name Titan stems from ancient Greek mythology, Titans were the children and the direct descendants of heaven whom lived on Earth (Gaea). According to the myth they possessed great strength and agility, making them fearsome warriors.

  • Registry Number: NCC-78164
  • Class: Sovereign-MKII

As such the Titan is aptly named, possessing great strength and speed. The Titan as we know her now stems from a long and prestigious line of vessels. Vessels which have inspired their crews to perform feats almost unheard of, and to ensue the principles of the Federation are upheld in the months, years and decades to come. She is undoubtedly The Keeper of the Flame, the flame signifying the heart of the Federation and to explore and protect to ensure the dream lives on.

After the lessons learned on the USS Ranger-A, the Titan was equipped with Mk-II technology, signifigantly rethought to forgo the problems they saw in the prototypes. With the Titan, the design wass only slightly larger than a standard Sovereign class, and wass equipped with prototype ablative armor generators on the hull, an innovation enabled by the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta quadrant. Although the designs are highly classified, and signifigantly less powerful than those seen on the Voyager, they gave the Titan a mighty shield in combat. The ship also carried an assault wing and a company of Deployable Infantry for regular duty.

The ship was self-destructed in 2382 avoid it falling into enemy hands.


  • Crew Compliment:
    • Officers: 200
    • Enlisted Crew: 500
    • Total: 700
    • Civilians (Families): Permitted
    • Maximum Capacity: 3900
  • Number of Decks: 24
    • Height: 87 Metres
    • Width: 240 Metres
    • Length: 680 Metres
  • Warp Engines: MARA
  • Impulse Engines: Standard
  • Computer System: LCARS
  • Speed:
    • Cruising: Warp 9
    • Emergency: Warp 9.6
    • Maximum: Classified
  • Strength Index: 2,765
  • Expected Duration: 120 Years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 5 Years
  • Major Refit Cycle: 20 Years

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