USS Tiger-A

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“We choose to do these things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.”

John F. Kennedy, 12th September 1962

The USS Tiger, NCC-52199-A, is the sixth Prometheus class vessel built in the fleet, commissioned and built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The Tiger-A was dispatched to the Ithassa Region to replace the loss of the USS Independence-A in the Mirror Universe. The Tiger-A launched under the command of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley. The Tiger-A was inactivated in 2391 after an Iconian virus crippled the ship. She was sent back to drydock for repair. After a complete overhaul of the ship's computer systems, the Tiger-A was relaunched in 2393 and assigned to the Menthar Corridor to provide tactical support to the Invicta Expedition. In addition to her new computer systems, she has also been outfitted with next generation sensor scrambling technology that renders her invisible to all but the most powerful space telescopes.

Prometheus class heavy cruisers are an onset of combat support fleet vessels, designed primarily in response to technologically advanced threats facing the Federation. Developed from a combination of technologies pioneered by the Defiant, Sovereign, and Intrepid classes, the Prometheus utilizes the latest in ablative armour, warp field technology, and quantum weaponry. It is the only ship class which is capable of separating into three sections (upper engineering hull, lower engineering hull, and the saucer section) coordinated through its multi-vector assault mode.

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