USS Thunder-A Deck Layout/Transporter Rooms

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The Transporter Room is usually manned by the Transporter Chief, a specialist engineer who has either majored in transporter technology or possesses extensive training and experience in this field to ensure safe operation in any given situation.

On board the Thunder-A, there are 12 individual transporters, 4 personnel ones in Transporter Rooms 1-4, 4 cargobay ones located in each cargobay and the Main Shuttle Hanger, and 4 emergency ones.

Individual Specifications

Personnel Transporters

The standard means of travel to and from a federation ship, the transporter rooms are located at strategic locations throughout the saucer section.

  • Transporter Rooms 1-2 Deck 10 | Transporter Rooms 3-4 Deck 15
  • Max Payload Mass: 900kg (1,763 lbs)
  • Max Range: 40,000 km
  • Max Beam Up/Out Rate: Approx. 100 persons per hour per transporter

Cargo Transporters

These much larger transporting systems are designed to literally haul bulk cargo to and from the ship, expediting the transfer of materials during short docking periods.

They can be calibrated to function on the quantum level required to safely transport lifeforms.

  • Cargo Bays 1-2; Deck 5 | Cargo Bay 4; Deck 6; | Maintenance Hangar and Storage; Deck 8
  • Standard operation: molecular resolution (Non-Lifeform): Max Payload Mass: 800 metric tons.
  • Reconfigurable for quantum resolution(Lifeform): Max Payload Mass: 1 metric ton
  • Max Beam Up/Out Rate (Quantum Setting): Approx. 100 persons per hour per transporter

Emergency Transporters

In certain dire situations it can become imperative to abandon the vessel swiftly. Emergency transporters have the sole function of beaming personnel off ship.

  • Emergency Transporter Rooms 1-2 Deck 10 | Emergency Transporter Rooms 3-4 Deck 15
  • Max Range: 15,000 km (send only) [range depends on available power]
  • Max Beam Out Rate: 200 persons per hour per Transporter