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Sickbay is a refuge not only for the Ship's Doctor but the ill on board. Here, the Doctor and the multiple Medical staff can treat any ailment a crew member seems to be suffering from. It is also equipped to deal with the treatment of unknown illnesses or analyzing unknown species.

The typical ICU on board are the four biobeds aligned on one side of the wall. These are designated to those who are receiving treatment. There are monitors above the biobeds which explain in detail the illness and the lifesigns of the patient, typically called biofunction monitors.




Other treatment facilities available in a Akira Class sickbay include physical therapy rooms, OB/GYN and nursery areas, and an emergency bio support unit. A surgical suite is used for extensive surgeries and autopsies. A stasis unit is also available, used to temporarily place patients in suspended animation for later treatment. A morgue facility is also part of sickbay.

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) can usually be found in the Chief Medical Officer's Office or in his office in the Embassy Medical Unit.