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USS Thor Master Crew List


The Thor has a crew of 745 (75 officers and 670 enlisted). Some civilians are aboard, including some families of officers and crew. The primary characters, or PCs, may be found on the Staff Roster. All Personal Non-Player Characters (PNPCs, played by only one person) and general Non-Player Characters (NPCs, can be played by anyone) should be listed on this page.

NPC Roster

USS Thor NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Command Division
Lt. Commander Lia Rouiancet Human Female Strategic Ops Aron Kells
Operations Division
Master Chief Petty Officer Bas Th'kolass Andorian Thaan OPS NCO General NPC
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sasha Johnson Human Female Engineer Peri Katsim
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kortho Yang Klingon/Human Male QSD Specialist Udro Nepra
Master Chief Petty Officer Zheg Tellarite Male Warp Specialist General NPC
Chief Petty Officer Danica Larell Boslic Female Transporter Chief General NPC
Petty Officer First Class Gra'vel Horta Female Engineer Geoffrey Teller
Crewman Third Class Charles Heston Human Male Engineer General NPC
Security & Tactical
Lieutenant Noshka Ferengi Female Security Officer Brell
Starfleet Marine Corps
Second Lieutenant Josh Henderson Human Male Weapon System Officer Wes Greaves
Staff Sergeant Sarah Rodriguez Human Female Infantry Platoon Sergeant Wes Greaves
Sergeant Tali Santiago Orion Female Combat Medic General NPC
Sergeant Finley Hall Human Male Combat Engineer General NPC
Medical Division
Commander Nic del Vedova Human Male Medical officer Aron Kells
Petty Officer First Class Malak Salo Orion Male Nurse Alieth
Crewman First Class Cheesecake Watanabe Dog Female Therapy Dog Alieth
Lieutenant Nesre Salo Orion Female Counselor Peri Katsim
Sciences Division
Ensign Tenna Emond El-Aurian Female Science Officer Aron Kells
Crewman Third Class Doug Kook Human Male Science Crewman Tara Wilkins
Starfleet Intelligence
Federation Diplomatic Corps
Lieutenant JG Dime De Scheppes Human Female Diplomatic Specialist Aron Kells
Civilian Contingent
Civilian Darren Hammer Human Male Business Owner Lorian Lovar