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“For every minute, the future is becoming the past.”

Thor Heyerdahl

USS Thor NCC-82607
Thor's Fight with the Giants


Thor is the mighty, hammer-wielding god of the ancient Norse mythology of Earth. He is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, and strength. Thor was upright in character but fearsome to his enemies. He protected mankind with a magic hammer, Mjölnir, which always struck its target and returned to Thor's hand. Like the ancient deity for which it is named, the USS Thor is tasked with protecting the Federation and its allies. Her Starfleet crew are the model of strong character and the mighty ship inspires fear in her enemies.

The USS Thor , a Vesta class multi-mission explorer, was officially launched on stardate 239406.23 under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner on a mission of scientific exploration and defense of Federation worlds and allies in and around the Duronis Sector and Typhon Expanse. The USS Thor was launched as part of the 2394 Annual Fleet Awards, at which Rear Admiral Toni Turner said:

"Our mission is to Protect our diplomatic allies and the Laudeans, against the ongoing incursions and attempts at coercion, be prepared to act as a front-line defense for Federation worlds and our allies, and with this gift, now we can Act as a platform for scientific research while exploring Typhon Expanse. Without further delay, I present this crew with the USS Thor." - Toni Turner


The USS Thor was commissioned in 2385 and was part of an initiative to refocus on exploration and fleet-wide modernization. The Thor was designed to be a 'testbed' of new designs, technologies, ideas of ship layouts. Because of constant redesigns and changing mission profiles the Thor took nearly ten years to go from assembly-line to the first official crew.

A series of recent events have caught the attention of Starfleet Command that resulted in the order to finalize the Thor and make her space worthy.


These events include the War of Shadows, hostilities with the Romulan Empire and Zalkonian Suzerainty, the near destruction of the USS Thunder-A, and technological advancements that have made exploration of the Typhon Expanse possible. The USS Thor was officially commissioned under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner in hopes of further exploring the Typhon Expanse. While turning an eye to exploration, Starfleet also recognizes that the threats against Federation worlds are myriad, and growing. The defensive and combat capabilities of the ship have therefore been refitted with cutting-edge technologies that ensure it is able to defend itself, the people of the United Federation of Planets, and its allies.

Embassy on Duronis II


  • Protect our diplomatic allies, the Laudeans, against the ongoing incursions and attempts at coercion.
  • Be prepared to act as a front-line defense for Federation worlds and our allies.
  • Act as a platform for scientific research while exploring within the Typhon Expanse.


USS Thor ARC-4 (1956-1977)

The USS Thor (ARC-4) was a cable laying and repair ship in service with the United States Navy from 1956 to 1973. She was originally commissioned in 1945 as USS Vanadis (AKA-49), an Artemis-class attack cargo ship named after 76 Freia, a minor planet. Vanadis is an alternative poetic name for Freia, the Germanic goddess of love and beauty. Vanadis served only for ten months and was later converted to an Aeolus-class cable repair ship and renamed Thor (ARC-4), after the Germanic god of thunder. The USS Thor (ARC-4) was decomissioned and sold for scrapping in September of 1977.

USS Thor NCC-1651 (2272-2298)

This USS Thor was an Ares Class ship in service in the early 2270s. Somewhat more austere than the Constitution, Miranda and Constellation-class upgrades and more along the lines of the Soyuz-class. The Ares refit was intended solely to create an improved patrol ship that could operate in the borders of Romulan and Klingon space to free up the larger ships for exploration duties. With the signing of the Khitomer Accords and peace between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets in 2293, the need for a heavily-armed patrol force almost disappeared. Consideration was given to redeploying the force to the Romulan and Cardassian frontiers, but with the arrival of production Excelsior-class ships in service in the 2290s more adaptable Constitution, Constellation and Miranda-class ships were freed up from exploration duties. These more flexible ships were redeployed and the Ares Class ships were mothballed by 2298.

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