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Template:Embassy The USS Resolution is a Nova Class vessel assigned to the Duronis II Embassy as a field and support ship, with a part-time mission of surveying nearby spatial anomalies.

USS Resolution's Stationing

Unlike the Runabouts, Tactical Wing or Hoppers, this small Nova Class science vessel is not based on Duronis II, but instead is on spatial assignment and rarely more than one day's travel from the Duronis System. Under Captain Rocar's command, the CO rarely leads a mission on his ship which, remains at his beck and call but is usually on a Federation Science Council mission to extensively survey and catalog pre-warp civilizations and spatial phenomena.

Resolution Stats

The USS Equinox - Nova Class (click to enlarge)


  • Commanding Officer: Captain Rocar
  • Category: Surveyor
  • Primary Designation: Science
  • Expected Duration: 50 years
  • The Resolution Motto: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -Carl Sagan


  • Officers: 20
  • Enlisted Crew: 70
  • Marines: 0
  • Passengers: 10


  • Cruising Velocity: Warp 5
  • Maximum Velocity: Warp 8
  • Emergency Velocity: Warp 8.55 (for 12 hours)
The USS Resolution (click to enlarge)


  • Length: 140 meters
  • Width: 55 meters
  • Height: 34 meters
  • Decks: 8

Auxiliary Craft

  • Shuttlebays: 1
  • Shuttles
  • Type 9 Shuttle: 2
  • Waverider Shuttle: 1


  • Phasers: Type VIII Array - 8
  • Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2
  • Photon Torpedoes: 20
  • Quantum Torpedoes: 10

Shielding Systems

  • Auto-Modulating Shields
  • Metaphasic Shielding
Nova class bridge (click to enlarge)

Deck Layout

  • Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain's ready room.
  • Deck 2: Impulse drive reactors, mess hall, crew quarters
  • Deck 3: Cargo bays, deuterium tanks, transporter room, Armory, crew quarters
  • Deck 4: Main shuttlebay, Sickbay, escape pods, main computer core access, Waverider, auxiliary deflector, crew and officer quarters
  • Deck 5: Docking ports, warp core access
  • Deck 6: Main Deflector
  • Deck 7: Tractor emitters, main engineering
  • Deck 8: Antimatter storage, landing struts