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[[Image:Nova5.jpg|390px|left|Nova Class USS Equinox]]
===Resolution Stats===
===Resolution Stats===

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Unlike the Runabouts and Hoppers, this small Nova-Class-warp civilizations and spacial phenomena.

Nova Class USS Equinox

Resolution Stats

The Resolution Motto: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -Carl Sagan

Personnel Officers: 20 Enlisted Crew: 70 Marines: 0 Passengers: 10

Category: Surveyor Primary Designation: Science

Expected Duration: 50 years

Speed Cruising Velocity: Warp 5 Maximum Velocity: Warp 8 Emergency Velocity: Warp 8.55 (for 12 hours)

Dimensions Length: 140 meters Width: 55 meters Height: 34 meters Decks: 8

Auxiliary Craft Shuttlebays: 1 Shuttles Type 9 Shuttle: 2 Waverider Shuttle: 1

Armament Phasers: Type VIII Array - 8 Torpedoes Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2 Photon Torpedoes: 20 Quantum Torpedoes: 10

Shielding Systems Auto-Modulating Shields Metaphasic Shielding