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“From Unity, Prosperity.”

The USS Reiver - NCC 34496 - is an Ambassador-class vessel currently assigned as a cadet training vessel. Her home berth is at Earth Spacedock where she also acts as an orbital Academy classroom when not undertaking cadet cruises. Her current commanding officer is Captain Edo Are, a Bajoran known for her strict discipline.

Background. The USS Reiver was commissioned in 2349, with her name a reference to the ancient family occupation of Commodore Douglas, the officer overseeing the naming of the half-dozen ships of that class being laid down at the time. Commissioned as an explorer – and to a certain degree – a picket ship, the Reiver spent the first twenty-plus years of her service patrolling the Federation borders, and living up to her name by covertly raiding notrious criminal dens to apprehend wanted persons or groups. The Reiver was shortlisted for attending talks with the reemerging Romulan Star Empire in 2364, but was instead urgently called away to assist a Federation world with a planet-wide humanitarian crisis. The Battle of Wolf 359 was missed due to a warp engine refit – necessary repairs owing to damage from a previous engagement. However, the Reiver was present during the final stages of the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor in 2369, providing assistance to an underpowered Cardassian transport vessel. She took part in the Yolanda Wars of 2373-2374, acting mainly as an escort to Federation transports. During this time, the Reiver herself was awarded a Silver Star for the actions of the crew in support of Convoy XVF-9812. In 2387 the Reiver was assigned to take part in the second – vessel interdiction – phase of Operation Bright Star, but was replaced by the USS Kumari and instead ordered to Utopia Planitia Shipyards for a long awaited overhaul. The Reiver was returned to service in 2388 with the mission of an explorer, a role in which she continued for barely a year before being recalled once more to Earth Spacedock for decommissioning. The Reiver was spared at the eleventh hour by the orders of Commodore – now Vice-Admiral – Douglas who retired from service later that same day having spared the last of “his” six ships from the breakers yard. The Reiver was instead assigned to the Starfleet Academy as a permanent training vessel, serving final year cadets, enlisted personnel, as well as new Ensigns and currently serving officers undergoing additional specialist training or practical coursework.

Crew History: Captain

Service History
Insignia Rank Name Presented By Dates
Captain Edo Are Starfleet Command - Present