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With a long, proud history, the tradition of a "ship's bingo" has infiltrated the lower decks of the 'Oumuamua.

A comprehensive list of qualifying bingo tasks is not formalized (as the game is only played unofficially and without senior officers' awareness and rules get adapted by succeeding generations of ensigns). The following is a partial list of qualifying challenges from early 2400:

  • Sign the hull
  • Transporter shower
  • Holodeck randomizer (1 hour, no prep, different scenario every 5 minutes, safeties off)
  • Crawl up, over, and down the ship's Jeffries tubes
  • Introduce a food replicator "bug," like only producing hot dog ice cream
  • Initiate a culture revolution
  • "Borrow" a shuttle craft and loop through the upper pylons
  • Play comms tag
  • Sample some magic mushrooms from Sickbay
  • Get in 3 physical altercations on an away mission
  • Eat a meal (including dessert) in the Captain's Mess
  • Sleep a night on the Gator Deck
  • Replace the water in the pool (deck 7) with another substance
  • Reprogram lights in a common area (e.g., the longue) to display a "disco" strobe pattern
  • Do something currently forbidden on penalty of being on report
  • Smuggle a berricone aboard (or add it to the food replicators)
  • Get stunned by a phaser
  • Take in a show by band "Dr. Severin and the Attendants"
  • Drink a "blue squale with a rowboat" and do not puke
  • Take the Nichols out for a spin
  • Get matching team tattoos
  • Survive a shuttle crash