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The Oracle Class USS Mercury

The USS Mercury is an Oracle class vessel under the command of Commander Miles Unum. Commander Unum was assigned as the commanding officer of the USS Mercury upon the retirement of Captain Tallis Rhul on Stardate 238904.22.

The USS Mercury is currently assigned to the Menthar Corridor, a region of space between the Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy and Tholian Assembly, via special arrangement with the Cardassian Detapa Consul. Its primary mission is to explore space that is poorly known to the Federation and explore the furthest bounds of the Alpha Quadrant.

As an Oracle-Class ship, the USS Mercury is a deep space science ship designed to run missions for long periods of time without returning to a starbase for refuel, resupply, or support if necessary. The lower section of the ship is a sensor module, which contains a wealth of cutting edge sensor technology, as well as enhanced scientific facilities. The trade-off: the Mercury is by no means a battleship, and while she is not so fragile that she can be destroyed by the meekest of targets, she is not suited to prolonged combat or unfavourable odds.

While a lack of combat ability might not be a concern for most science vessels, the Mercury finds itself in a unique situation. Starfleet Security and Intelligence have their eye on the unstable, shifting Cardassian government, and believe that the opportunity the Mercury crew has been presented with allows for the use of the ship’s enhanced sensors to provide constant reports. However, should the balance of power in the Cardassian Union tip, the situation could very quickly turn sour, leaving the Mercury and her crew in a very dangerous predicament.

What new and diverse wonders does the Menthar corridor hold? Will relations with the Cardassians continue to improve? What threats does the Federation still face? The Mercury and her crew are certain to find out as they explore the furthest reaches of the Alpha Quadrant.

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