USS Juneau/Chief Science Officer's Office

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The U.S.S. Juneau's Chief Science Officer’s Office is sometimes called a “practical anachronism”.

Modeled largely on a standard Sovereign class Ready Room, as is the standard for the Juneau class at large, the differences are instantly recognizable. For example, instead of standard issue bulkhead plating across the walls, they are layered with a warm wood grained finish to give the effect of paneling.

This fosters a conductively warm work environment and gives the appearance of academia, useful for hosting lectures, research meetings, and interdepartmental conferences. The volume of the room comfortably holds a desk, two appointment chairs, and a smallish couch to the side of the desk area, opposite of the "bookshelves" in other corner, allowing storage of any printed or collected research materials.

Furthermore the office has a dedicated private lab space, accessible only with command authorization and/or approval from the Chief Science Officer. While not as advanced as some of the Lab based stations, this private laboratory offers a unique independent work space for the CSO should they have singularly dedicated or sensitive research best kept out of the way of rank and file lab staff.

The position of the Office also allows it unprecedented access to the rest of the Deck's facilities. Nestled between the Stellar Cartography and Lab cluster, two access portholes in the center of the room to the left and right allows the CSO full access to the larger facilities afforded to the Deck.