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“Quote words that affirm all men and women are your brothers and sisters.”

Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

The USS Invicta, NCC-81407, is a state-of-the-art diplomatic courier and explorer of the Cardiff class under the command of Captain Joseph Washington. The lead ship of the Invicta Expedition, the Invicta began a multi-year deep space exploration mission in 2392 at the directive of the Federation President, embarking from the experimental diplomatic installation Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor.

Cardiff class USS Invicta

A vast region bordered on the galactic north by the Breen Confederacy, the Tholian Assembly to the south, and the Cardassian Union to the east, the Menthar Corridor has in recent years taken greater prominence within the realm of interstellar politics with the founding of Astrofori One, bringing the major powers of the Federation, the Romulans, the Breen, and the Kubarey to one diplomatic hub, united in the pursuit of understanding as never before.

Meanwhile, the Invicta and her support vessels have been tasked with continuing to explore farther into the uncharted areas of the Corridor.


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