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“Fortune favors the bold.”

The USS Indria-A was first launched from StarBase 118 on Stardate 237506.09 under the command of then-Commander Shaun Marlin. The command of the vessel passed to Commander Valarious McGregor on Stardate 237611.02 when Rear Admiral Marlin was recalled to an administrative post on Starbase 118. Captain McGregor was later given command of the USS Wallace and the Indria crew moved to that vessel with her. Following Captain McGregor's reassignment, the Indria was based at Starbase 118 on cold standby where she was occasionally used by varying crews for one-off missions rather than being on active patrol.

The Indria-A also has its sister ship serving out of StarBase 118, the USS Ranger-A. After the end of the Dominion War, the Indria's mission classification was changed to exploration, although the vessel is still occasionally given covert ops missions. The Indria underwent a minor refit in early 2385 during which Fleet Captain Rocar ordered the removal of the vessel's more advanced and experimental tactical systems due both to inherent instability, and a failure to definitively ensure systems integrity. Following her considerable downgrade, Fleet Captain Rocar assigned the Indria to the command of Commander Cura Assanti to investigate rumors of a cloaked planet.

The missions of the Indria-A are selected from the crews ideas. Crew who wish to submit a mission idea are encouraged to use the mission submission form.

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