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“A little revolution is good... every now and then.”

The USS Independence was commissioned in 2366 before the beginning of the Dominion War. One of the few ships to survive the war, the Independence underwent a standard refit in 2379 and was relaunched on Stardate 237909.13. Like her sister ships, the Nebula and Galaxy class vessels, this New Orleans class ship was the first planned refit to upgrade weapons, shields, and armor.


The New Orleans class was introduced as a counterpart to the large Nebula and Galaxy class starships. The intention was to produce a Frigate that incorporated the technology advances being deployed on these two starships. The New Orleans would also have nearly equal speed to facilitate fleet operations.

The Independence came from a long line of warships, dating back to the mid-18th century. More famous than the early sailing vessels were the ships of the mid-20th century, notable for carrying the latest technological advances of the times. The Independence's motto, "A little Revolution is good every now and then," was representative of the ship's captain and crew. Their unique backgrounds and talents added to this ship's real energy and distinctive viewpoints.

On Stardate 238309.26, the USS Independence was destroyed taking out the Gorn flagship Emperor's Fang in the Battle for DS17. A second ship to bear the name, the Prometheus class USS Independence-A, was launched on Stardate 238401.01.

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